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The Messengers by Mike Clelland Out Now!

For those of you who have attended our events in recent years you will have become acquainted with the work of UFO researcher and experiencer Mike Clelland. Mike's lecture on Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee is one of the most original pieces of research in recent years and challenges many of the assumptions about the nature of the UFO and experiencer phenomenon.

Mike's new book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee is now now available to buy in paperback and kindle format. For more information about how to order please see Mike's website  -


In his lecture about the AMMACH project Miles, who is a film maker and researcher, will give an introduction to the AMMACH Project, where more and more UK based witnesses are having the courage to come forward and speak in public on the MindControl, Abductee and Contactee issues here in the British Isles. AMMACH was set up in early 2011 by Joanne Summerscales with Miles Johnston, and the project has gathered pace very quickly, with what is the most advanced exposure of hitherto suppressed subjects in the research field in the British Isles.

Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?

In his talk "Does it Rain in Other Dimensions?" Mike's testimony details one man's experience of communicating and working with other-dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings over a 50 year period. Showing how he worked through the fear some experiences engendered to find a new spiritual perspective. One aiding a personal consciousness-awakening process and preparation for the coming Shift.

Mike Oram Biography

Mike Oram

Mike Oram

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Mike Oram:

30 JUN 2012 : Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?

Announcement: Anomalous Mind Management Abductee/Contactee Helpline


Started life on the 23rd January 2011, by Joanne Summerscales and Miles Johnston who have both had a long term interest in, and are researchers of the many fields, subjects and layers thereof, seen and treated by society at large as being on the outer edges of social awareness, and still very much unacknowledged (by mainstream ‘conventionals’). These areas include; suppressed advanced technology, the unaddressed history of humanity/genetics, alternative energy systems, health/illness management and the extensive area of ufological/ET experience, including the Exopolitical arena, which seeks full official disclosure, which will, when it happens, have a profound impact on every area of life; the social, religious, political and economical.

Kim Carlsberg Biography

Kim Carlsberg wrote her first book in 1995 "Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Diary of a UFO Abductee" in which she documented her personal contact experiences. The release of this book is considered a milestone in contact literatute and had a profound effect on those with few mean to validate there own experiences. There collective response let Kims second book "The Art of Close Encounters" where one lone voice was join by a chorus of those others whom experienced inexplicable encounters and relationships with non-human entities.

Steven Jones Biography

Steven JonesSteven Jones is a modern-day ET Contact Experiencer: no longer the confused and powerless Abductee, but an empowered participator in the extraordinary events that remain such an important and profound part of his life. After nearly an unbelievable 50 years of ET contact he is now able to assist others like him to move through the barrier that restricts so many from understanding what Contact really is.