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Alan Foster Biography

Alan FosterAlan Foster has over 39 years of UFO research and 18 years of indepth Crop Formation research. His career encompasses over 18 years in the airline industry.

He managed an airline travel operation providing com-mercial transport for the U.S. Military in the U.K., and then for the Mediterranean U.S. Naval Forces, where he was based at the Fleet H.Q. Naval Base in Naples, Italy. He currently works in Aircraft Operations at an International Airport. For business, travelling and research, he has been to over eighty countries worldwide.

He has studied spiritual development, meditation and metaphysics. To raise public awareness of these sub-jects, he regularly gives talks to community groups and professional organisations. He also gives talks at In-ternational UFO and Crop Formation Conferences throughout the year. He is on the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute – Research and Education.