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Andrew Johnson: Strands of Disclosure

Strands of UFO DisclosureThis presentation will look at a number of strands of ET disclosure and how they seem to be woven in to a larger canvas - through a number of individuals who have spoken out on the subject of ETs and UFOs. We will consider aspects of media involvement - particularly in the last 4 years or so.

We will also look at what some of the Apollo and other Astronauts have said. We will mention documents from the McDonnell Douglas aircraft corporation. We will discuss Travis Walton’s incredible case (documented in the Police record, with multiple witnesses to many of the events). We will look at some incredible inexplicable footage from Mexico in 2009. We will consider whether some people want Disclosure to happen "in a certain way", but are there other groups at work who have their own ideas about the disclosure process?

Andrew Johnson will present the lecture "Strands of Disclosure" on Friday 5th August, 2011, at the Exopolitics Leeds Expo.