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Andrew Johnson: Wilbert B Smith - from Sceptic to Contactee

Wilbert Brockhouse Smith was a writer who, through the 1940’s and 1950’s, rose to a high position in the Canadian Government and eventually became the Superintendent of Radio Regulations. In 1950, his interest in “flying saucers� (as they were called then) was triggered by a magazine article and he began to investigate “saucer� cases himself, developing questionnaires for witnesses and contactees. In the presentation at the 2009 Leeds Exopolitics Conference, Andrew showed us how seriously Smith took his research and how he realised and expressed the implications of what he discovered.

He made repeated and strenuous efforts to obtain the support of the Canadian Government in specific research projects that he and a small team of associates undertook. These projects were not without success, although in later years, government officials disavowed their involvement with them and withdrew support. In 10 years of research, Smith’s understanding developed and he began to see “the bigger picture�. He realised the key role that awareness and consciousness played in the phenomena that he was investigating.

Andrew Johnson presented "Wilbert B Smith: from Sceptic to Contactee" on Saturday June 27th, 2009 at the Leeds Exopolitics Expo.

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