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Anthony Beckett on RichPlanet TV - SKY 201 8:00pm on Friday July 16th

Anthony Beckett discussing evidence life on Mars with Richard D Hall Anthony Beckett will be on the RichPlanet TV show this coming Friday in a show about Life On Mars. In the show Anthony presents evidence that not only did NASA discover life on Mars in 1975 but they keep on finding it - yet never acknowledge it. He also shows an attempt at deception and misdirection by NASA and others that he contends is hiding the discovery of life on the red planet. 

The show will be broadcast on SKY 201 8:00pm at Friday 16th July 2010 and will be repeated throughout the following week. The show can also be viewed online now at

Both Richard D Hall and Anthony Beckett will be speaking at the Leeds Exopolitics 2010 conference next month. Richard will be presenting "The Information War" and Anthony will be presenting "The True Colours of Mars" on Saturday August 7th, 2010. Additionally Richard will be conducting interviews with speakers and guests throughout the conference weekend for his RichPlanet TV show.

Part 1

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