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The Art of Close Encounters - Press Release

In Stephen Bassett's lecture on The Exopolitical Revolution he discussed the work of contactee Kim Carlsberg whose new book The Art of Close Encounters is released today. Stephen has been involved with the publishing of this work and he made an appeal in Leeds for contactees and experiencers to come forward if they would like to contribute to the second volume of this work which is in-progress.

The Art of Close EncountersThe Art of Close Encounters

Fifteen years in the making, The Art of Close Encounters, written and edited by artist, photographer and contactee Kim Carlsberg, goes on pre-sale today worldwide at

In 1995 Kim published a diary which chronicled her complex relationship with non-human entities that began after a close encounter in Malibu, CA in 1988. This powerful story was accompanied by artistic representations of her experiences, all of which had a profound effect on many readers with similar experiences. Over the intervening years hundreds of these readers contacted Kim with their own accounts of contact. The outcome of that correspondence is The Art of Close Encounters.

The Book

A 352 page, fine art, 4-color, hard cover, 9.5" x 8" landscape, coffee table book with jacket, compiling 150 individual "encounter experiences". Every unique synopsis is accompanied by an artistic rendering from the contributors. Every turn of the page brings you a new experience. Each story synopsis is accompanied by an artistic rendering from the contributors.


George Noory
Coast to Coast AM
#1 Late Night Talkshow

The sheer volume of stories, the authenticity and range of the encounters, and the beauty and diversity of the art makes this new book the closest we will have to a reference guide to this extraordinary phenomenon. A remarkable achievement.

Leo Sprinkle, PhD
Contact Researcher
University of Wyoming

Visually stunning, intellectually compelling and spiritually illuminating, The Art of Close Encounters provides the reader with a treasury of the variety of contact between humans, extraterrestrial and other non-human entities.

Stephen Bassett
Ex. Dir. Paradigm
Research Group

Who will speak for those who cannot yet speak for themselves? In this one of a kind book, Kim Carlsberg has reached out to bridge the silence with art, letting the universal language bring together those caught between two worlds.

The Author

Kim Carlsberg is an accomplished photographer and artist who has worked in the entertainment and music industry. Her fine-art images have been used in books, magazines, television, print ads, major motion pictures, as well as being featured in solo gallery exhibitions in Los Angeles, CA, Santa, Fe, NM and Aspen, CO

Kim Carlsberg

Kim is available to talk about her book and the contact phenomena. Please submit media interview requests to:

Close Encounters Publishing
567 W. Channel Islands Blvd., #696, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
(805) 815-8989 //