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Exopolitics Leeds 2011 Speaker in The Sun newspaper

On Sunday August 7th, 2011 we have a day of lectures on the subject of ET Contact as part of our 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo. Bridget will be on the line-up of speakers at the event planned for next year at the University of Leeds Conference Auditorium between August 5th - 7th. The Sun newspaper article about her is shown below...

Brit Housewife is UFO magnet

BRIDGET Grant looks like an ordinary housewife more at home making the school run than giving speeches at public conferences around the world. But her extraordinary experiences mean she is in big demand both here and in America.

For Bridget is widely recognised in the UFO world as the Briton most visited by aliens.

In her 40 years she claims to have had at least 17 encounters with UFOs, including five up close.

"Why me? I don't know. I can't understand it but I need answers," she said. "I can't explain what's happening to me. I feel very happy that I've witnessed what I have.

"But I am frustrated that my experiences are ones I haven't been able to tell to most people for fear of ridicule."

Bridget says her alien encounters began when she was a little girl living in a village in Devon, although at the time she did not realise their significance.

"I was seven years old and it was in the school holidays and I know it was winter," she recalled.
"I had to get home for tea and I decided for some reason to walk through the village on a different route from my normal one.

"I met what I thought was a very small Chinese girl. She was about my height and I thought she was Chinese because of her eyes.

"She showed me some money - a Hong Kong note - and she showed me her house.
"She didn't say much but I had to get home for tea so we arranged to meet the next day.
"The next day I went back at about the same time but the house was no longer there.

"It had been at the end of a cul-de-sac but now there was a field where the house had been.
"In the field was a gazebo surrounded by coloured lights. I think I recognised it from watching Elvis Presley films on TV at Christmas!

"The grass shimmered from the lights and I can remember jumping down from something and going home."

Bridget never saw the "Chinese girl" or the "gazebo" again.

Looking back on the incident 33 years later, she wonders if the girl was really an alien - a so-called Grey.

UFO experts she has told the story to suggest the gazebo may have been a spaceship.
It is possible aliens implanted what are known as "screen memories" to make her see a little girl and a gazebo rather than the more alarming images of an alien and spaceship.

Bridget continued: "As I was growing up I had many paranormal encounters with ghosts - people who had died in the past and people who had died more recently.

"I would be told someone had died, wherever it was, in particular circumstances.

"Some of the ghosts seemed as real as you and me - sometimes they seemed less solid.
"These paranormal experiences went on from when I was five or six until I was 21."

Bridget says her next big incident with aliens came in February 1993 when she was working in Los Angeles as a make-up artist.

"I was driving a girl called Jane - she was a friend of a friend - to an interview in Rodeo Drive where she hoped to work as a hairdresser," Bridget said.

"I had to call in to see someone in an area called Brentwood.

"I was just leaving the freeway on the off-ramp near the Holiday Inn when we were stopped by a traffic light.

"This feeling of apprehension came over me. It was like stage fright - I was very anxious and my hands were gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter.

"I saw a glimmer of sliver reflecting from the metal frame between the door and the windscreen and then to the left over my head was this massive craft.

"It was eight to ten metres away, silver, round and 35ft to 40ft long.

"There was no noise, no wings and no exhaust fumes or anything like that.

"There was a burning red-orange glow underneath and I thought, 'What the hell is this?'

"It was gliding through the tops of some trees. Jane saw it too.

"The traffic light changed and in my mind I felt, 'I need to make a left over the bridge behind the Holiday Inn.'

"My mind was racing and I was shaking. It had disappeared from view and I said to Jane, 'We're both going to get out and point where we think the craft went.'

"We both got out and pointed to the left. My eyes were watering, streaming.

"I was all over the place. I couldn't believe what had happened.

"Later there was a most roaring noise and four or five black, unmarked military helicopters flew over.

"They were obviously going to intercept that craft, and I thought, 'You're not going to catch that.'

"That night I got home to Bill, my partner at the time, but I couldn't physically say anything to him. My brain was racing.

"The next day I kicked him out, packed my belongings and left. Jane did the same two days later."

Bridget added: "I know many people won't believe me.

"You have to be very selective - you can't just tell all your neighbours.

"People say, 'Yeah, right, OK,' but for them seeing is believing and they haven't seen what I've seen."

Bridget returned to Devon and set up the South West Witness Support Group to try to meet people with similar experiences.

She is writing a book about her experiences but says she still doesn't fully understand what happened.

Bridget was talking ahead of the launch on DVD on November 8 of the sci-fi TV show V: The Complete Series.

Website www.thesun.co.uk