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Expand Your Reality! by Andrew Johnson

Thinking of UFO’s and ET’s
The UFO/ET subject is hugely complicated and filled with contradictions, puzzles and challenges. For all those people that explore this field and whose curiosity or experiences propel them past the study of “lights in the sky,” they will start to encounter something more profound.

Their understanding of the universe will most likely change – perhaps gradually, or even quite suddenly.  They may therefore experience a huge shift in their consciousness. Similarly, for people like me who have “an itch” and start to “scratch through” the veneer of reality, a change in consciousness often occurs – we see a larger reality, with more distant and stranger horizons. These new perspectives make us think and even behave in new ways.

In many cases, things that once seemed important to us become less and less significant. The age old questions of “What am I doing here? Where did I come from? Is there a creator?” can take on a new dimension – as we begin to consider the possibility that we are part of a larger, grand “Cosmic Plan.”

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