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February 18th, 2010 - A Big Day for UFO News Stories in the UK Press

Newly release UFO files from the UK government are available to download from

It is often the case that when the media covers the UFO issue they do so en mass and today was no exception. Thursday February 18th, 2010 found UK TV and Newspaper websites filled with articles about reports found in newly released UFO documents released by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). These documents are the latest batch of documents that are being released by the National Archives.

Due to the large number of documents that were declassified the National Archives are releasing the documents in batches rather than all together which would have delayed the release unnecessarily. The release of a batch of documents was reported in the media last summer and Nick Pope gave interviews about it to the press.

In some cases such as the Phoenix Lights incident news agencies have been known to publish new articles all on the same day long after an event transpired. This has the hallmarks of a coordinated effort. The coordination likely being orchestrated by a single 'agent' who is able to get all the Newspapers and TV News networks publishing stories on this subject of the same day. The situation in the UK today is different since it is the release of yet more Ministry of Defense files that sparked the media interest again. This event is a welcome one as we need to raise awareness in the population to bring about disclosure and enable us to democratise the UFO issue.

Here is a video interview with Nick Pope that appeared on the Channel 4 News website today. Nick: "Interest in this is massive. A while ago the MoD was getting more Freedom of Information requests on this than anything else."


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