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How To Marginalize An Astronaut by Richard Dolan

Not long ago, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell made an amazing statement concerning the possession of alien bodies by a secret group of “insiders.� In this short piece, I contrast that statement with the astonishingly cavalier treatment of this claim by the mainstream media. The end result trivializes an important issue.

A few months ago, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell made an extraordinary statement while speaking to a group of people. In attendance was Waveney Ann Moore, a journalist for the St. Petersburg Times of Florida. At deep levels within the U.S. national security establishment, said Mitchell, scientists are in possession of alien bodies, and have been studying them in secrecy.

Now, this kind of thing has been said before, of course. Anyone with the slightest interest in the topic of UFOs has encountered such a claim many times. And talk is cheap – anyone can make such a claim.

But with Dr. Mitchell, you have to look at things a little differently. Here is a man who walked on the Moon. Only 12 people have ever done that, and not all of them are alive today. He is also a Navy man, has a Ph.D., and possesses a lifetime of connections within the American national security apparatus connections that very few people have had an opportunity to develop. His experiences make him unusually well qualified to comment on this particular topic.

So when Edgar Mitchell says that American national security personnel possess alien bodies (and presumably alien technology), that’s a very interesting thing. If I were in attendance at such a gathering, the first question out of my mouth would be “on what basis, sir, do you make such a statement?� It’s only reasonable to ask. And I have no doubt that Edgar Mitchell would gladly have offered an answer.

But if Ms. Moore asked him anything at all, her article left no hint. Indeed, she quoted merely a single sentence of any relevance, and even that appears to have been significantly edited.
On the other hand, she managed to work the word “cabal� into her article. And oh yes, she wrote about Mitchell’s religious upbringing (relevance?) and focused (to the extent possible in such a brief piece) on issues of “consciousness� and “interconnectedness.�

You can see where this is heading. Fringe City.

Apparently, the only individual Ms. Moore found worthy of quoting was a self described “transformational healerâ€� (no doubt wearing a pyramid on her head) who blithely commented on how “delightfulâ€� it was that a man of Dr. Mitchell’s stature was “more open than everâ€� to discussing the topic of life in the universe.

The effect of the article was, without question, to trivialize both Dr. Mitchell and his statement.
One suspects that in such ignorant, journalistic, circles, Edgar Mitchell appears like a rich, eccentric uncle who does whatever he wants because he’s basically harmless, and after all you like him and don’t want to hurt his feelings. On the other hand, there is a darker side to this. When someone of his stature is treated, again and again, in such a disrespectful manner, then we can see that the mainstream media is never going to deal with the topic of UFOs and ETs in an even-handed way.

For many years, Edgar Mitchell has taken his stand on the matter of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and government secrecy. He has at every opportunity taken the high road, the honorable road, at no small risk to his personal reputation. And he is telling us that he knows for a fact that secret insiders are studying alien bodies. That is a hell of a statement.

Unfortunately, it is one that Ms. Moore was clearly not capable of dealing with. Could her inability be part of a grand conspiracy? Or everyday, ordinary, incompetence? Or simply the result of some dumb editor who hacked out all the good parts?

However you slice it, add it to the long list of articles posing as news regarding the topic of UFOs that only serves to keep this topic forever marginalized and emasculated.

May 2009
Published in the Exopolitics Leeds 2009 magazine