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The Inquirer: No leniency for Gary McKinnon

UFO ENTHUSIAST Gary McKinnon is unlikely to be spared extradition, according to the US Attorney General.

Eric Holder has insisted that McKinnon face trial in a US court, and is quoted in the Daily Mail saying that the country will "take all of the necessary steps" to have him packed abroad and "held accountable for the crimes that he committed". Presumably that means life in prison for McKinnon.

McKinnon's case is well supported by those outside of power and although the Clegg and Cameron double act promised that they would revisit it when campaigning for office they forgot about that sort of thing once they had their feet under their respective ornate desks.

Unsurprisingly McKinnon's mum was disappointed about the latest progress in her son's case.

"I'm quite frankly shocked by the response of the U.S. Attorney General," she told the Daily Mail. "Britain needs to see the compassionate face of America that we had all expected to see when Obama was elected. Britain stands side by side America... If America asked our Prime Minister not to extradite an American, David Cameron would instantly agree to America's request."

She added that this last part was moot as, in her opinion America would not ask, it would just refuse to comply with any extradition request, something that she believes the UK government does not have the nerve to do.

"The time has come for our Government to show their compassion and to assert their authority and to simply refuse to extradite," she added.