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Mars - On The Edge

Anthony Beckett talks to Theo Chalmers about the evidence that NASA is suppressing evidence of current and past life on the planet Mars, and is holding back from disclosing evidence of intelligent life on Mars.


So often do NASA images of Mars show the planet to have a red sky. This wasn't always the case as we can see in the images that were returned in the 1970's. So what changed? And why is NASA promoting the idea that Mars is an alien looking world when the evidence suggests otherwise?

It isn't just the colour blue that is missing from NASA images. This seems to be a symptom of a larger issue in which we are not able to visually analyse images of Mars for evidence of current life.

NASA have not been interested in potential fossils found on the surface of Mars by the Mars Exploration Rovers called Spirit and Opportunity. Their investigation in to life on Mars seems to be limited to founding out whether Mars could harbour biological life - not whether it does!

A NASA spokesperson said it looked like a face, the public thought it looked like a face - but only the public seems interested in finding out whether it was created by natural processes or intelligent beings. Then NASA attempt to discredit the story in the media! Just what kind of space agency is NASA? And why aren't they interested in potential archaeology on the planet Mars?

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Anthony Beckett will be presenting his presentation "The True Colours of Mars" at the Leeds Exopolitics Expo 2010.