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Press Release – 17 June 2014 Extraterrestrial Communication and UFO Experiences come to Leeds

Press Release – 17 June 2014

Extraterrestrial Communication and UFO Experiences come to Leeds

This summer the city of Leeds sees the return of UFO researchers and alien experiencers with a series of lectures that will look at the nature of claims that, not only does intelligent extra-terrestrial life exist, but has been making contact – not by “landing on the White House lawn” – but by gradually approaching people from all cultures and walks of life.

The 2nd Extraterrestrial Communication Conference will be held at the Rose Bowl, Leeds Metropolitan University on Saturday June 28th; a prologue to the Annual British Exopolitics Expo which concludes in September. Its focus will be on the testimony of people who have engaged with intelligences believed to be extraterrestrial in origin.

Conference organiser Anthony Beckett will present details of the experiences of a Police Sergeant from Skipton, North Yorkshire at the event. Sergeant Tony Dodd witnessed a flying saucer while on patrol with fellow officers and subsequently began a series of communications with the occupants of the craft over several decades – a pattern that can be seen with many UFO contactee cases from around the world.

From the USA, Mike Clellend will be talking about his personal UFO abduction experience and how it set him on the path to try and understand it. He has researched many other cases of UFO abductions and presents a fascinating slant on the often accepted notions about the origin of the phenomena that involves animal spirit guides and in particular experiences with owls.

Other speakers include Australian UFO experiencer Ellis Taylor whose experience has led him to become what he regards as a modern day Shaman – bringing to his life the practices of engaging with non‐human intelligences and communicating with them with an outlook akin to how aboriginal peoples across the planet have engaged with these entities for millennia.

Lorraine Flaherty in her work involving past-life regression has uncovered cases where her clients describe finding themselves on what they perceive as other planets or other dimensions – and some report being abducted whilst in this life or from their past lives. Tony Topping is a UFO experiencer who believes his experiences have made him a target for harassment by agents unknown for nefarious reasons.

This is an event organised by Anthony Beckett, who is the executive producer of Exopolitics Great Britain – an organisation that has been promoting the notion that we are not alone by holding international Exopolitics conferences in the United Kingdom. Tickets are prices £20 and £15 for N.U.S. card holders.

For more information about Exopolitics Great Britain see the website or contact Anthony Beckett – email: anthony.m.beckett [at]; phone: (+44) 7733 323841 – or visit us on Facebook: