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Proto-UFOs and Alien Manifestation Lecture Transcript

I recently gave a talk in Glastonbury on the subject of UFOs. This came about at Glastonbury Symposium thanks to Andy Thomas who invited me to speak at their 2016 event. I would also like to thank Dave Hodrien of the Birmingham UFO Group for initially inviting me to speak on this topic in 2015 for his Birmingham UFO Group; a talk that evolved into this version written up here.

As someone whom is only comfortable talking about a subjects that I know well I have always avoided giving talks on the UFO subject myself. My innate interest in both the natural world and ideas of extraterrestrial contact has always challenged my ability to comprehend the UFO phenomenon. The elusive nature of ufo phenomena and in particular the bizarre nature of the UFO experience as related by experiencers of the phenomena challenges our ability to often recognise its context, let alone understand that actual phenomenon.

In reviewing the UFO phenomenon within the limiting paradigm of science we do find evidence for its absolute physical reality. This allows us to correlate this with the idea of spiritual contact as documented in other academic studies. Couple this with the changing face of consciousness studies and we find a potential reality that would seem to permit the seemingly impossible. A surprise for me with this approach is its ability to give context for the failure of ufology over the decades despite the continuing exposure of humanity to the UFO experience. In one sense UFOs are not strictly evidence for extraterrestrial visitation - yet, the possibility that they are conduit for it remains intact and almost purposefully evasive.

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Anthony Beckett

August 2016