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Wales Online: Police release details of Welsh UFO sightings

E.T. PHONED home almost 30 years ago, but Welsh households are still phoning the police with details of more UFO sightings in Wales.

South Wales Police have released details of reported UFO sightings it has received from homeowners.

A total of 16 reports of UFOs were made to the police force between the February 2007 and January of this year.

One caller reported seeing a large UFO emitting beams light into the Aberfan night sky, with several smaller crafts circling it. Another person saw four unidentified flying objects soar past two aeroplanes flying above to the Ford engine plant in Bridgend.

And one witness at Maerdy mountain saw a large, grey orb shoot past the moon.

Almost 38% of the sightings over the past three years were made in Merthyr and Rhondda Cynon Taf. Most of the reports were made in 2009 making up six of the 16 sightings.

The details come after the Wales on Sunday revealed two weeks ago the extent of UFO reports in North and West Wales over the past decade.

A total of 33 reports of strange crafts in the sky were made to North Wales and Dyfed-Powys Police services since 2002. A third of these were in 2009.

Only five of these reports were explained as human activity, such as army training exercises or night lanterns.

But sceptics said people should think twice before claiming they have seen a real-life E.T.

Martin Griffiths, a senior astronomy lecturer at the University of Glamorgan, 49, said: “If people think they see a UFO, be a bit more critical about it. It’s probably not somebody visiting from the planet Zog.

“Don’t think automatically that something in the sky is an alien craft. It is probably something else.�

Sightings of UFOs across Wales

Merthyr and Rhondda Cynon Taf

2007 - Large light in the sky in Aberfan, with several vehicles circling it. Several beams of light coming from the main craft.

2008 - Man reported his wife and her friend saw a UFO in the sky at around 9.30pm. A large, bright light flew out of the forestry and soared off.

2009 - Round, grey orb, visible from Maerdy mountain moving across the moon and sometimes covering it.

2010 - Three round UFOs in the sky. One staying still and the others moving around for about 15 minutes.

Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan

2009 - Group of people saw a bright, orange light in sky that seemed to be burning up. Four grey, circular UFOs flew above the Ford engine plant in Bridgend. Two aircraft were flying overhead when the UFOs flew under them, travelling faster than supersonic speed. Report of an unidentified flying object flying in the sky over a windmill.


2008 - Circular craft with flashing lights at about 15,000ft in the sky and heading towards Newport. Coloured lights in an oval shape in the sky. They stayed in one position for half an hour before disappearing and then returning. The caller said it was not a plane as a plane went past the lights.

2009 - Witness reported seeing a UFO flying above the city.

2011 - Crafts spotted at seven degrees east, travelling at speeds of 700 knots, but making no noise.

Swansea and Neath/Port Talbot

2008 - Spinning craft with 20 small lights above Margam.

2009 - Three large lights in the sky positioned in a triangular shape. They hovered for a few minutes before moving off at speed.

2010 - Witness saw a UFO landing on the mountain.