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Carl James


Carl James was born in 1975 in Lichfield, Staffordshire and still lives there to this day. In 1994, he left school with top grade 'A' Levels in English Language and Literature, European History and Art and Graphic Design. However, he had a passion for music and abandoned his plans to study Graphic Design at University level in favour of pursuing work in the performing arts. As a self-taught musician, singer, songwriter and musical multi-media producer, he has worked on numerous and varied projects over the last twenty years - including fourteen years fronting one of the UK's leading tribute acts to rock legends 'The Who'.

During this time, he also gained a variety of qualifications in the health care profession. Although this work has always been part-time (due to his musical commitments), he has recently become a full time therapeutic activities co-ordinator (utilising musical and artistic endeavours) to improve the health and well-being of the elderly infirm.

Carl is also the author of the popular blog website "The Truth Seeker's Guide". His articles examine all manner of alternative knowledge subjects, such as 9/11, False-Flag events, suppression of "Free Energy" Technologies, Weather Modification, aspects of the Secret Space Program, Extra-Terrestrial paradigms, Ufology, Secret Societies, Occult themes, Mind Control, Psychological Warfare, Perception Management, Social Engineering, and the Mainstream Media.

Recently, his research has turned to the connections between these subjects and the output of the Hollywood film and television industry. This latter research culminated in his 2014 book "Science Fiction and the Hidden Global".

Carl has spoken at a number of UK venues on subjects covered in his blog articles.


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