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Denis Denocla


Denis Roger Denecla lives in France and studied at the University of Caen (Business Geostrategic) and the University of Technology Compiegne (I.T. Management). For several years Denecla has also been undergoing research into UFOs and the "Ummo" documents - a subject still little known in the UK and US.

On this area of research he authored the book "Presence, UFOs, Crop Circles and Exocivilizations" which also title of a DVD documentary he produced. Denis also aims to educate through music and formed a band called "UMMO Music" which is themed on his studies in UFOs and Exocivilizations.


Exopolitics Great Britain appearances by Denis Denocla

30 JUN 2012: "Presence: UFOs, Crop Circles and Exo-civilizations"