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Ellis Taylor


Ellis Taylor is a genuine and first hand experiencer of what really does lie in the ‘beyond’. He was born in Bridgetown, Western Australia, in 1952, to an Australian mother and a British father, he went to school in Oxford, UK. 

He has been described as a shaman of the modern world and whom succeeds, where many before him have failed, in presenting information in a sensible, coherent and accessible manner. Many people have explored the thin membrane separating the nuances of reality that surround us, but very few of them have done it well, and even among those few there are charlatans, fools and the merely deluded. However, one man that does not fit any of these categories is Ellis Taylor, who has for decades brought a genuine and sympathetic understanding of the messages and knowledge that lie beyond this nebulous curtain.

Ellis is a seasoned international speaker who has given lectures around the world. He has been interviewed on several TV and radio stations across the globe, as well as newspapers and magazines. 


Exopolitics Great Britain Appearances by Ellis Taylor

  • 2014 June 28 - Untitled