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Brigitte Barclay

The Sun: World’s powers will fake alien invasion at the Olympics closing ceremony to keep us living in fear — Ian Crane at Exopolitics Expo

IT'S drizzling on a grey Saturday morning and the leafy university campus is deserted.
That's except for the main auditorium, where hundreds of people stream into a lecture theatre where the air is thick with theories and dire warnings, including that next year's Olympics will be an Independence Day-style bloodbath.

This is the Exopolitics Expo in Leeds last weekend - the UK's largest UFO conference.

ITV This Morning: UFOs and Abductions with Brigitte Barclay and Gary Heseltine

Exopolitics Great Britain speakers DC Gary Heseltine and Brigitte Barclay where featured on ITV1's This Morning program on Thursday 9th February 2012. The televised interview with Gary, Brigitte and Professor Chris French was not included in the online version of the TV show unfortunately. However, thanks to Miles Johnson of AMMACH the interview is available to view on Youtube.