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British Genius Has Story Told At Last

Bradley LockermanIf there was one story that shocked me in the early years of looking into the British side to the UFO/Disclosure field it was that of inventor John Searl. However it was more the point that very few people knew about Searl and his seemingly unbelievable levitating energy devices and despite rumoured press and TV coverage, very little was to be found about him in the media archives.

It's kind of unfortunate that a film producer from the USA has had to take the mantle and provide us with John Searl's story - but after previewing Bradley Lockerman's movie I'm so pleased he has.

The John Searl Story

Searl received no formal British education and had a rough start with his home life. Maybe due to these circumstances he found himself receiving visual images on how to solve highly complex mathmatical and engineering problems (interestingly I worked these back to have taken place or begun in that infamous year of 1947).

Using this information John created a device the Searl Effect Generator (later termed the S.E.G.) which used magnetic rollers made of rare earth elements which, after much trial and error, he found would rotate a great speed on it's own. It seems that he had not only found an energy generator of a unique and powerful kind but after a rather funny accident at one of his landladies houses, he found the disc system "wanted to fly" - embedding itself in a kitchen ceiling. 

John Searl with a Levity Disc

John Searl with Levity Disc during 1960s

“It’s marvelous… maybe people will realize that ALL of it is interesting information...� said John Searl.

“People are more impressed with lies… than the truth. I can’t (lie) because I’m speaking from the heart… about what I know… and what I do.�

Throughout the making of The John Searl Story there was one distinct, undeniable constant, Searl was telling his truth.

I spent several years shooting, logging, collecting and then pouring over the sixty plus hours of raw footage in the edit waiting to find a blink or flinch or a stutter that would indicate he was concocting this portion or that portion of his story. It never came.

We were lucky to get permission to enter Saint John’s Hall. This auditorium is where the Sunday lectures were held in the 1960s. Attended by scientists, the press and the public, crowds numbered up to four hundred persons at times, all listening to Searl explain his “flying disc generator�, and his intention to build a “manned craft�.

“The press came… to make mockery,� said Searl. At the end of the ten-hour lecture reporters approached Searl amazed by his continuous delivery.
“They said, we have never seen a man stand there… and talk for ten hours without looking at any papers or references� Searl continued, “And I said, when you talk from the heart… you don’t need papers…�

The anticipation as we approached the locations where Searl had worked or done his research was already high, but that anticipation increased dramatically in Searl himself. Every location was found through Searl’s recognition of the surroundings. “That’s it… stop here,� he said. Then, while walking (and filming) through the field he commented, “I used to have to get permission, to do ‘sort of’ shows (fly the disc!)… they never refused me.� Searl said. "We used to do our take-offs and landings there (pointing to an open area in the field); the audience would be here." He continued, “The people that say it never happened… they're dreaming! Here’s the very field.�

John Searl visiting some of his test sites
in England with the film-makers

While standing in one of the fields where John Searl flew his “levity disc�, I was struck by his demeanor. There were moments when he paused, as if he were reliving the events of the past. The look in his eyes was certain as he examined the geography around him. Occasionally he would glance at the sky, as if he were remembering a particular launch or flight path that he and his team had used.

Searl's original team who helped him build
the series of working Levity Discs


The documentary states:

"The Demo 1 would prove that electrmagnetic flying discs were not only real, but that they represent the future in power and transportation."

In the segment of the documentary in which the above image is shown, Searl's voice is played back from that period, saying:

"We feel the time is right to go ahead and carry people." "One day you'll see a [name of] craft, a lone star in the sky; and within a year, you'll see massive giants coming up into the sky taking 2000 people from New York to London in twenty minutes, or fifteen minutes; from London to Sidney in thirty minutes; and we won't think nothing about it."

Then, showing his confidence in the goodness of humanity, he continues:

"And I think that this is business; this is really what industry wants: fast movement, cheap price, no noise, and no pollution; and the Levity Disc will give you this."

Later in the documentary he states:

"From 1963 until about 1978, ...Demo 1 flew 500 times around the world through the use of ham operators."

As he relived the end of the “Demo 1� effort, his pain from the memory was too much. He broke down in tears. This lasted for a considerable time. I thought I should cut the cameras and give him some privacy because his pain was real. But I chose instead to capture it all. Here was a man who chose his life work over his family. And the memory of that “ripping apart� was flowing out of him.

Searl was pleased with the structure of the dream 1 and dream 2 sequence in the film.

"It showed the dreams... that's always been difficult to explain" he said. "Now you can see it... from the hopscotch game, to the Law of the Squares, to the SEG".

He also liked the Crawley Road location sequence.

"This is where it happened" (the first model crashed through the roof and destroyed the house)... "It was an accident" he said, "and the house is gone!" The police put him in jail for a few nights after that. "They put me in a place where I won't blow holes through roofs and that again..."

Searl said he thinks the film will help people understand the difficulties he's had to overcome. "Some people are greedy... once they see it (the SEG) they want to own it" he said. "Greed and ignorance... it's a terrible combination."

On the general content and flow of the film.

"I hope everyone has a chance to see it... I'll be able to spend more time talking about the (present) development of the SEG" said Searl. "I don't mind talking about the past... just rather talk about how we're doing it again!" 



Note also the points made in feedback from Sterling Allen:

"John's technology wasn't suppressed, it was stolen and developed by the black-ops shadow government elements that pull the strings of the control structure that presently runs things on this planet. The attempts to marginalize and discredit him were all a ruse to get John off their scent and the public as well."

And this by Terry Moore who is developing new prototypes of the SEG under Searl's direction:

"The additional point you make is very valid. It is almost certain that many of the modern military aircraft have used this technology for years. For example, if you look at the tiny Stealth fighter and consider its operating range, there is no way it could carry enough fuel to sustain the distances it is known to fly before refuelling. It is almost as certain that the military in a number of countries have experimented with John's technology and already fly disc shaped craft. It is a useful cover to blame these sightings on UFO's from other galaxies." 


The Searl Effect Generator

An animation of John Searl's SEG or Searl Effect Generator.

In addition Searl used the fact the electro-magnetic power unit achieved a form of superconductivity to harness a free, limitless and non-polluting energy which under certain conditions created highly efficient lift and flight drive.

It was this system he installed into his Levity discs in the 1950s and 60s.


The Warminster "Thing"

One of the most memorable episodes in the British UFO experience centred on Warminster in Wiltshire. A town with a strong military presence thanks to the nearby Salisbury Plain army training grounds, in the mid 1960s it found itself at the centre of strange events.

The first sign that something unusual was afoot came in 1963 when, on several separate occasions, some householders reported hearing a horrendous noise in the sky at night. Often, they recalled fearing that The Thing, as it came to be called, was having some physical impact on their homes, shredding the roof tiles for example. Whenever they went outside to take a look afterwards, however, they would tend to find no sign of anything amiss. Sometimes, they would even ask their neighbours whether they had heard anything, only to be told that they had not.

At this stage, no one had ever seen The Thing. It was an entirely auditory phenomenon. Word of the incidents soon spread till the existence of The Thing became common knowledge in Wiltshire. Journalist Arthur Shuttlewood wrote about The Thing in the local newspaper, The Warminster Journal. Increasingly, he became a focal point for the strange goings-on in the town. People who had experienced anything out of the ordinary would contact him to tell about it; and any outsiders who wanted to hear the latest buzz would make their way to him. Initially, no connection was made between The Thing and UFOs. It was regarded as nothing more than a weird phenomenon which had not yet been explained. After the first sightings of The Thing in late 1964, however, the UFO interpretation became dominant.

Most eye witnesses described seeing a seething ball of light in the sky, often surrounded by some kind of smoke or cloud, and emitting something like sparks of crackling light. One, a man named Gordon Faulkner, even claimed to have photographed it. This amazing image, showing what appears to be a circular craft or a saucer-shaped craft flying on its side, was published in the national press and helped draw attention to what was going on in the town. Debate continues about whether or not this famous photograph is authentic. In the 1990s, one man claimed to have helped Faulkner fake it. Faulkner denied this, however, and said he did not know the man.

Word of the strange events in Warminster spread nationwide and soon it became a place of pilgrimage for seekers after truth. There were nightly vigils on Cradle Hill, where strangers would stand, scouring the skies for saucers, listening to the voice of Arthur Shuttlewood as he guided the visitors’ interpretations of what they saw. Many of these people claimed to have seen UFOs for themselves during these sky-watching sessions.

Events in Warminster seemed to mesh perfectly with the dominant flower power ethic of the time. Here were the Space Brothers, perhaps preparing to make open contact for the first time and usher in a New Age for humanity. Warminster continued to be a focal point for UFO reports until the mid 1970s. Although some still claim to see UFOs there today, sightings are nothing like as common as they were before.


The Warminster UFO Experience in Perspective

Other than alien vehicles, the most obvious explanations for the strange events in Warminster relate to the military. Salisbury Plain is the largest military training ground in the UK. It is used almost daily for live fire exercises including artillery barrages and aircraft bombing runs. Perhaps these accounted for some of the strange sounds or curious lights in the sky. Yet the area had been used for military training since the 19th century. The local population must have grown used to this. Why, then, should they become so alarmed by the sights and sounds only in the mid 1960s?

Those seeking paranormal explanations point to the prevalence of ancient monuments and mystical sites in the area surrounding Warminster. Even the army training area contains several ancient barrows (or burial grounds). Could modern UFO activity in some way relate to these ancient sites? Some believe that UFOs or their occupants were worshipped as gods by primitive peoples. Perhaps Warminster has been a centre of strange activities for centuries.

Unlike many UFO encounters which today are more celebrated, the Warminster flap was sustained for almost ten years and involved thousands of witnesses in total. It deserves to be remembered as one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of British ufology.

by David Griffin


Video Clips and Movie Promo

This video gives some indication of the public reaction in the 1960s in that are of England. There was testimony from local residents of 'whirring sounds' and the 'rooftops vibrating' as well as the infamous sight of pigeons falling to the ground as they came near to the energy field of this object. All the points John Searl himself has mentioned as 'side effects' associated with his levity disc flights at that time.