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2012 Exopolitics Events in the UK

After much deliberation we are now pleased to be able to announce the Exopolitics events for the UK in summer 2012!

So far we have two events scheduled and with a major change from our previous activities. Our main national event is moving from Yorkshire (it's home of three years) to Merseyside!

The 4th Annual Exopolitics Expo will be held in Liverpool on the first weekend in August 2012. Event details and line-up of speakers will be posted shortly... However, before that we have another event coming to Liverpool to tell you about...

Saturday 30th June

Extraterrestrial Communication Conference - Liverpool

Speakers for the ET Communication conference are:

  • Dan Sherman (US): Above Black
  • Mike Oram (UK): Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?
  • David Griffin (UK): ET Communication
  • Denis Denolca (FR): Presence: UFOs, Crop Circles and Exo-civilizations
  • Miles Johnson (UK): A.M.M.A.C.H.

Richard D Hall and Andrew Johnson will join the speakers on the panel discussion at the end of the event.

Saturday 4th August - Sunday 5th August 2012

UK's 4th Annual Expolitics Expo (Liverpool)

Speakers and venue details for the annual expolitics expo will be announce shortly