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Announcing the 2nd Extraterrestrial Communication Conference and the 6th Annual British Exopolitics Expo 2014

The Extraterrestrial Communication Conference 2014

In 2014 we have two major events in the British Ufology calendar. The first sees the return of our Extraterrestrial Communication Conference, this time in it will be held in Leeds, UK, on Saturday June 28th, 2014. The line-up of speakers for this event will be announce shortly and will cover the nature of extraterrestrial contact and of the unfolding human transformation.

Then in autumn we have our 6th Annual British Exopolitics Expo which will be held on the weekend of September 26th-28th, 2014. This year our events will once again feature internationally renowned UFO researchers such Richard Dolan (US), Grant Cameron (Canada) and also a host of British speakers in Ufology, ET Contact, Exopolitics and the many periphery subjects such as Robbie Graham, David Griffin, Pierre Sabak, Richard Lawrence, Andrew Johnson and Anthony Beckett.

More announcements will be made about new speakers these events shortly. Booking early is advised and Earlybird tickets are already on sale if you want to avoid disappointment.

Events will be held at The Rose Bowl, at Leeds Metropolitan University's city centre campus. See Travel and Venue information page for more details regarding the venue.