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ET Communication

Presence: UFOs, Crop Circles and Exo-civilizations

Denis Dencola will present "Presence: UFOs, Crop Circles and Exo-civilizations" on Saturday June 30th, 2012 at the Extraterrestrial Communication conference in Liverpool.

Denis Denocla

Denis Roger DeneclaDenis Roger Denecla lives in France and studied at the University of Caen (Business Geostrategic) and the University of Technology Compiegne (I.T. Management). For several years Denecla has also been undergoing research into UFOs and the "Ummo" documents - a subject still little known in the UK and US.

A tribute to an Italian Professor who revealed that extraterrestrials are among us


The Exopolitics Institute have commemorated the passing of Stefano Breccia - an Italian Professor whose  revealing extraterrestrials were living amoung us - by releasing a video of Breccia's talk given in the 2010 Earth Transformation Conference: 

Stefano Breccia, who died in Italy several days ago, led an extraordinary life. Publicly, he taught at several European universities and worked as an electrical engineer in Italy. In his private life he kept a closely guarded secret until 2007 when he released a remarkable book. Contattismi di Massa (translated into English as Mass Contact in 2009) detailed the history of a mysterious group of human looking extraterrestrials that established underground bases in Italy and met with local residents between 1956 and 1978. He privately investigated the Amicizia (Friendship) case over a period of several decades during which he got to meet and question many of the primary witnesses.

The Hybrid Consciousness in the ET Encounter Narrative

Amongst one of the most compelling aspects of the UFO Phenomenon is situated within the ET contact experience, or the 'high strangeness' of what transpires during human and alien interactions. How experiencers define this space, both in terms of language and visual art forms, exhibits the same traits as those expressed by people of a dual or multiple nationality in human society. This evidence however, which helps to validate the contactee narrative by establishing the effects of ET contact on human consciousness, has been ignored by societal institutions.

What this psychosocial dynamic demonstrates, however, is what occurs when two or more cultures intersect: an emerging hybrid consciousness that may possibly reveal one of the wider purposes of ET communication with the Earth's citizens. It is one that may hold the key to what the next step in the development of human evolution may be.

Alien Contact, Government Coverup

In 1992, Sergeant Dan Sherman attended training as an electronic intelligence analyst with the highly secretive National Security Agency (NSA). However, this served as a cover for his primary training an "Intuitive Communicator".

Saucer School - Are Visiting ETs Re-booting Terrestrial Language Systems?

Anyone who takes the time to study the complex and often bizarre nature of extraterrestrial intervention with humans on this planet cannot help but stumble across numerous examples of where the evolution of terrestrial knowledge was catalysed using a variety of methods by these various off-world groups.

What is less well known is that an increasingly common aspect of this process interfaces directly at the level where consciousness becomes manifest - that of communication itself.

Extraterrestrial Communication Conference 2012

In 2012 we hosted the first conference on Extraterrestrial Communication bringing together five speakers whom spoke about the UFO experience and their personal experience of communicating with "extraterrestrials".