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Extraterrestrial Communication Conference 2012

In 2012 we hosted the first conference on Extraterrestrial Communication bringing together five speakers whom spoke about the UFO experience and their personal experience of communicating with "extraterrestrials".

At our 3rd Annual Expolitics Expo in Leeds David Griffin of the UK Exopolitics Initiative posed the question - "Who speaks for Humanity in the contact scenario?" This is far from a theoretical argument and this question is at the heart of the Exopolitical debate. The very existence of UFO Secrecy indicates that over 60 years ago someone chose to answer that question for us.

In "Alien Contact, Government Cover-up" US Staff Sergeant Dan Sherman (ret.) presented his personal account of working as an "Intuitive Communicator" for the National Security Agency (NSA) and how in that role he was trained to act as a conduit for communication between Extraterrestrials entities and a deeply classified U.S. governmental extraterrestrial program.

Yet goverments do not have a monopoly on E.T. contact. Human beings across the planet have had experiences they describe as "extraterrestrial contact" or "interdimensional contact" or similar. These experiences can be so challenging to the experiencer that even expressing the nature of that communication to family and friends is challenging. 

Mike Oram is such an experiencer and in "Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?" Mike told his story - they story of his encounters and also the story of what happened that drove him to go public and tell his story to others.

People who take the time to study the complex and often bizarre subject of extraterrestrial intervention with humans cannot help but stumble across numerous examples of where the evolution of terrestrial knowledge was seemingly catalysed by extraterrestrial visitation. This directed influence of the human race may not be limited to antiquity. It appears we are currently at a cosmic cross-roads as a species - some sort of transition is due which could vastly alter the way we see ourselves and our place in the wider universe. In "Saucer School - Are Visiting ETs Re-booting Terrestrial Language Systems?" David Griffin looked at this and the very nature of the communication itself. 

With additional talks by Denis Denocla and Miles Johnston of the A.M.M.A.C.H. project this was one Exopolitics event that was not to be missed.How to pay by post with a cheque or postal order