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Exopolitics Leeds 2010

Exopolitics Leeds 2010 Exopolitics Leeds 2010 is a two-day residential UFO conference being held in the city of Leeds.

This city has long been the home of UFO conferences in the UK. Graham Birdsall and UFO Magazine began hosting an international UFO events in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds in the 1980 and 1990s. The campaign for UFO disclosure is well under way in the UK largely due to the work and efforts of Graham and his colleagues at UFO Magazine.

In April 2001 the UFO disclosure movement was taken to a new level by Steven Greer who brought a new respectability of the subject in the news media with the National Press Club conference in Washington DC. That growing movement to bring about disclosure was making significant inroads until one fateful day in September changed everything.

After 9/11 politicians and the media were only interested in terror and fear and as a result the UFO disclosure movement was effectively put on the back burner.

With Graham Birdsall passing in 2002 the UK no longer had a large international UFO event but in the United States they were still growing in numbers.

In 2004 Stephen Bassett of XPPAC and the Paradigm Research Group effectively reinvented the idea of a UFO conference. No longer was this just a gathering of like minded individuals with a common interest - it was a political movement moving towards greater understanding of the processes that will facilitate disclosure and directing the world toward that disclosure. It also looked ahead into the post-disclosure world looking at the implications of disclosure on all facets of society. This was the X-Conference - the worlds first "exopolitics" conference.

The 2nd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo is dedicated to all those pioneers who sort to bring about the disclosure of the extra-terrestrial presence and the associated advanced technologies. Graham Birdsall, Steve Greer and Stephen Bassett have changed the world. There is no doubt about that. Some believe that disclosure could happen in 2010. If they are right the world outside of the disclosure activism will learn about the actions of these pioneers for global change.

The Leeds Exopolitics Expo is being held on Saturday 7th August to Sunday 8th August, 2010 at the University of Leeds, in West Yorkshire, England.