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Gerard Aartsen: George Adamski and the Transformation of the World

Through his research into the work of George Adamski, arguably the most famous of the early contactees, Gerard Aartsen uncovers the true significance of the coming of the UFO's. He argues that this - or the imminent disclosure by governments of their knowledge about the extraterrestrial presence - is not an event in itself, but that the Space Visitors are here in support of developments on Earth that signal the awakening of humanity to its rightful place in the cosmic brotherhood of consciousness.

In his talk, Gerard Aartsen will discuss the compelling parallels that he found between the teachings of the Space Visitors through Adamski, and those of our Elder Brothers – the Men of Wisdom with whom Adamski studied as a teenager in preparation for his mission to inform humanity of our spiritual nature, our interplanetary brotherhood and the need to take responsibility for our home, planet Earth.

In discussing his research Gerard Aartsen reframes the discussion about the relevance of Adamski's mission in preparation for a complete restructuring of our world and shows the connection that exists between the ancient teachings, the coming of the UFOs and the collapse of our present economic and political systems.

Gerard Aartsen will present "George Adamski and the Transformation of the World" on Sunday August 7th, 2011 at the 3rd Annual British Exopolitics Expo.