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Ian R Crane: The Nephilim, Disclosure & Trans-Humanism

Special Event

  • The Nephilim, Disclosure & Trans-Humanism: From Economic Slave to Super-Soldier ... via FEMA Camp
  • The Suppression of Pre-Abrahmic contact with Off-Planet Intelligent Life & the implications for contemporary Reli-Geo-Politics

Ian R CraneIan R Crane will take a look at the evidence for the suppression of ancient human contact with off-planet intelligences. The knowledge that these interactions between 'extra-terrestrials' and humanity in the period up to ~ 2000 BC is interwoven into the traditions and stories of the abrahmic religions. The influence of these beliefs cannot be under-estimated and Ian will look at the implications for contemporary geopolitics and as well as exopolitics. 

Ian R Crane will be presenting "The Nephilim, Disclosure & Trans-Humanism" on Friday August 5th, 2011 at the Leeds Exopolitics Expo.