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The Information War

Over the last 3 years, Richard D. Hall has been researching UFO and related phenomena, trying to get to the bottom of what is really going on.  After researching these areas it quickly became apparent to him that finding the truth is being made particularly difficult by attempts to cover up, dis-inform and lie about the reality of what is happening in our country and the world.  He has encountered information manipulation in other UFO related areas such as animal mutilation and crop circle research.  Control of the mainstream media is an essential weapon in the global control of the minds of the human population.

There is a new kind of war under way here on planet Earth, a war which has no historical president. It is the information war.  If you do not realise it is taking place, then you are losing the war.  Everyone seeks truth in their life, but in order to find real truth, we need to first expose and remove the barriers of truth.

One potential route to full disclosure is to find new ways to expose the underhand control of information. In this talk Richard will explain the subtleties of how the deception works and show the scale of the mainstream media rock face towering above us.

Richard Hall presented "The Information War" on Saturday 7th August, 2010 at the Leeds Exopolitics Expo.

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