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Killers on the Moor

Mike will begin his talk with the events of 2000, when he became involved in researching a horrific and bizarre incident involving the deaths of fifteen Dartmoor ponies in 1977. Mike will give an overview of the case and will say why this case is so important.

The Dartmoor ponies led to the investigation of the Dartmoor sheep attacks, which began in January 2005 and continued to 2008. In three years there were eighteen attacks and nearly seventy victims. Mike will review the evidence of this very important case and will give details of the all-night surveillances carried out by him and his colleague, Dave Gillham. Animal mutilation attacks, inter dimensional beings, UFOs, government cover up and phone hacking, this case has many factors to it.

In the part of the talk sub titled The Dead Sheep Scrolls, Mike will give the full details of his major Freedom of Information Act legal battle with the Police in order to obtain disclosure of vitally important crime scene images. He will describe how he eventually won a landmark judgement and its implications for him and other researchers.

Finally, Mike will give his views on these two major cases and the possible implications for us all.

Mike will take questions from the delegates on all aspects of his talk as well as any other related subjects.

Mike Freebury presented "Killers on the Moor" on Saturday August 4th, 2012 at the 4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo in Liverpool.