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"The Source of the Nine - Is it 'Life as we know it?'"

by Carl James

In 1974, Gene Roddenberry - the creator of legendary television series “Star Trek” - embarked on a journey to create the first “Star Trek” motion picture. It is known that Roddenberry was simultaneously employed by a group of new-age, space-entity-channeling, psi-enthusiasts to spread the message of an alleged extraterrestrial group known as “The Nine”. What is less known is that Roddenberry’s journey would bring him into contact with key figures involved with SRI’s “remote viewing” projects, the CIA’s mind control experiments, military research of exotic weapons and various other sinister aspects of the global agenda. Carl James examines the finer details of these events and also explores the larger role that the “Star Trek” franchise has seemingly played in the machinations of the global power elite.

Carl James will present "The Source of the Nine - Is it 'Life as we know it?'" at the 6th Annual British Exopolitics Expo on Saturday September 27th, 2014.