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Lloyd Pye: The Starchild Skull Enigma

Hominid researcher Lloyd Pye was contacted by a Texas couple that had recently acquired a normal human skull and one that looked as if it could fit inside the head of a prototype "Grey" alien. The couple asked Lloyd to take the unusual skull and have it scientifically evaluated. Thinking he knew something about science and scientists, Lloyd estimated the testing could be completed in six months. And it might have been.

However, he soon learned that scientists protect their paradigms with every bit of the ferocity displayed by religious zealots when supporting "divine" causes. It?s been over 8 years since the Starchild skull was made public, yet final results of its testing cannot be initiated until 2010. In this lecture Lloyd presents scientific and photographic evidence to support the hypothesis that the Starchild may well have been a human-alien hybrid.

Lloyd Pye presented "The Starchild Skull Enigma" on Saturday 27th June 2009 at the Leeds Exopolitics Expo.

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