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Media Coverage

Richard Dolan & Anthony Beckett on BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Show - Friday 27 September 2013

BBC Radio Leeds

Richard Dolan and Anthony Beckett will be on the BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast show tomorrow (Friday September 27th at 7:40 am), with Liz Green discussing the upcoming 5th Annual British Exopolitics Expo.

The event will be looking at Secrets of the Solar System and will held at the University of Huddersfield, on Satuday 28th September 2013.

Keighley News: Cullingworth UFO researcher staging conference

A Cullingworth man is organising a conference focusing on extraterrestrial life and UFO activity. Anthony Beckett is spearheading the fifth annual British Exopolitics Expo, being held at Huddersfield University on September 28. The event will include a lecture by Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe.

Mr Beckett said that in the 1970s the professor and a colleague sparked controversy when they concluded from investigations that interstellar dust, laying between the stars, contained life.

The Sun: World’s powers will fake alien invasion at the Olympics closing ceremony to keep us living in fear — Ian Crane at Exopolitics Expo

IT'S drizzling on a grey Saturday morning and the leafy university campus is deserted.
That's except for the main auditorium, where hundreds of people stream into a lecture theatre where the air is thick with theories and dire warnings, including that next year's Olympics will be an Independence Day-style bloodbath.

This is the Exopolitics Expo in Leeds last weekend - the UK's largest UFO conference.

BBC Leeds: Exopolitics Conference for Leeds looks to the skies

Nick PopeExtra terrestrial life and UFOs will be the focus as the University of Leeds hosts the the International Exopolitics conference.

The two-day event includes speakers from the UK, the United States and Australia.

Former Ministry of Defence employee, Nick Pope is speaking at the event.

Yorkshire Post: 'Alien skull' star attraction at Leeds extra-terrestrial conference

Lloyd Pye and the Starchild SkullIT's life, Leeds, but not as we know it. In fact it could even be a case for Mulder and Skull-y!

This 900-year-old 'alien-human' skull is the star attraction at an intergalactic conference being held at Leeds Metropolitan University on Saturday.