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Natasha Acimovic

The Hybrid Consciousness in the ET Encounter Narrative

Amongst one of the most compelling aspects of the UFO Phenomenon is situated within the ET contact experience, or the 'high strangeness' of what transpires during human and alien interactions. How experiencers define this space, both in terms of language and visual art forms, exhibits the same traits as those expressed by people of a dual or multiple nationality in human society. This evidence however, which helps to validate the contactee narrative by establishing the effects of ET contact on human consciousness, has been ignored by societal institutions.

What this psychosocial dynamic demonstrates, however, is what occurs when two or more cultures intersect: an emerging hybrid consciousness that may possibly reveal one of the wider purposes of ET communication with the Earth's citizens. It is one that may hold the key to what the next step in the development of human evolution may be.

Exopolitics Journal - June 2011

Exopolitics Journal In the lastest edition of Michael Salla's Exopolitics Journal, David Griffin (Exopolitics Leeds speker and creator of Exopolitics UK Initiative) co-authored a paper with Natasha Acimovic on "How Academia Processes the ET Contact Issue and Some Implications for the UFO Community".

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