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Neal Atkinson

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Planet X Radio: "The Truth Is On Air" - starting tonight at 8pm

Planet X on City Talk Radio 105.9FM in Merseyside

Tonight sees Liverpool's City Talk radio host the a new program called "Planet X". Starting tonight (Sunday April 1st 2012) talk show host Neal Atkinson will be joined every week with various experts to talk all things paranormal, alien cover-ups, conspiracies and much much more. Neal will be joined each week by Steve Mera - editor of Paranormal magazine - and various guests including former speakers from our Exopolitics events and others in the UFO and Exopolitics community.

Joining Neal briefly on the first show is Anthony Beckett, Exopolitics Great Britain activist and conference organiser, who will discuss the upcoming Exopolitics events coming to Liverpool in the summer of 2012.

Tune in for 2 hours of alternative news and discussion about what's really happening in the world and beyond each Sunday night at 8-10pm.

Listen on 105.9FM or online at