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UFO & Paranormal Research and Witness Conference 2020

UFO & Paranormal Research and Witness Conference 2020 Image

UFO and paranormal conference coming to Hull this winter!

UFO & Paranormal Research and Witness Conference 2020

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Outer Limits Magazine - UFO Conference, Hull, September 9th 2017

Hull UFO Conference line up - September 2017

Five UFO researchers - Philip Mantle, Mike Covell, Paul Sinclair, Russel Callaghan and Malcolm Robinson - will be speaking at the Outer Limits Magazine - UFO Conference in Hull on Saturday 9th of September. 

 oors Open: 10.00 am, First Speaker: 10.30 am- Ends 7.00 pm

The Freedom Centre, Preston Road, Hull HU9 3QB

Tickets £10.00 each. 

Lecture: The Evidence for Alien Abductions by Dr David Jacobs in Oxford on Saturday October 29th

Oxford Centre for Paradigm Studies presents the third David M. Jacobs Lecture on UFOs and alien abductions. You are cordially invited to this rare talk by one of the most knowledgeable writers of our time.

Dr David M. Jacobs Title: The Evidence for Alien Abductions Speaker: Dr David Jacobs (a retired professor of American history, Temple University, Philadelphia) with a short introduction by Dr Young-hae Chi (Lecturer in Oriental Studies, Oxford University)

Proto-UFOs and Alien Manifestation Lecture Transcript

I recently gave a talk in Glastonbury on the subject of UFOs. This came about at Glastonbury Symposium thanks to Andy Thomas who invited me to speak at their 2016 event. I would also like to thank Dave Hodrien of the Birmingham UFO Group for initially inviting me to speak on this topic in 2015 for his Birmingham UFO Group; a talk that evolved into this version written up here.

Contact With Space Ea Conference ~ 2nd/3rd July 2016

Coming to Athens, Greece on July 2nd and 3rd, Andrew Johnson, Richard Dolan & Peter Robbins.

For more information contact - details to follow shortly...

24th July 2016 - A talk by Anthony Beckett at the Glastonbury Symposium #ufos

Presentation:  Proto-UFOs and Alien Manifestation

Anthony will look at the dichotomy inherent within the UFO phenomenon. On one hand, we have the scientific data that demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt the physical reality of UFO phenomena and their physical, temporal and spatial characteristics.

Then, on the other hand, we have the human UFO experience itself; a comprehensive study of which will lead any investigator to recognise that the challenge that we face with this phenomenon is our very notion of consciousness itself.

Somewhere between these two edifices lies the reality of a phenomenon whose influence has been so pervasive as to be rendered nearly invisible; yet it reaches every human being in its influence on human culture – and it does so regardless of the true nature of that reality.

14th January 2016 - The Phenomena Project - A talk by Steve Mera in Birmingham #ufos

To kick off 2016 the Birmingham UFO Group BUFOG has invited renowned paranormal investigator Steve Mera back for the second time to talk about a fascinating new documentary series he has played a key role in.

The Phenomena Project is a new television documentary series due for release in 2016 will set the record straight on the validity of a paranormal world that might exist along with our own. According to one of the two fellows that was highly involved in the documentary, "No stone will remain unturned in this quest for answers. A fascinating alliance that could simply ‘blow the lid off’ one of the best kept secrets in the scientific community."

The Messengers by Mike Clelland Out Now!

For those of you who have attended our events in recent years you will have become acquainted with the work of UFO researcher and experiencer Mike Clelland. Mike's lecture on Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee is one of the most original pieces of research in recent years and challenges many of the assumptions about the nature of the UFO and experiencer phenomenon.

Mike's new book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee is now now available to buy in paperback and kindle format. For more information about how to order please see Mike's website  -

Lecture: UFOs & The Music Industry by Dave Hodrien

In this fascinating, lively and fun talk Dave will look into how the subject of Ufology has been portrayed by the music industry. He will go into the history of UFO-themed music and discuss a number of bands who are entirely themed on the subject, as well as many others who have been influenced by UFOs and aliens. He will also cover a number of musicians who have had sightings and contact experiences of their own. The talk includes many audio clips as well as music videos and an exclusive recorded interview, so get ready for a tuneful time!

Britain’s Premier UFO Conference Returns to Leeds

Press Release 08 October 2015

On the weekend of October 17/18, Leeds sees the return of Britain’s leading UFO researchers and Exopolitical Activists to the city with the return of the Annual British Exopolitics Expo.

The event features a series of lectures and discussions into the nature of claims of human contact with extraterrestrials and also what the appearance of UFOs in our skies really means for humanity.

The 7th Annual British Exopolitics Expo will be held at the Rose Bowl, Leeds Beckett University on Saturday October 17th to Sunday October 18th.