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Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen is the British distributor and publisher of the UK edition of Nexus Magazine. Like many others, Marcus watched the Apollo Moon Landings live on Television, and at the time applauded the evident success of those missions. After attending a lecture in the 1990's which questioned the validity of the Moon Landings, he decided to carry out his own research. Having worked as a photographer in London in the 1960s,

Brigitte Barclay

Brigitte Barclay (aka Bridget Grant) is one of the UK's most high-profile UFO witnesses and abductees. She has worked with many of the world's leading researchers of the alien abduction phenomenon, including Budd Hopkins, Dolores Cannon and the late John Mack.

Anthony Beckett

Anthony Beckett was born in 1975 in West Yorkshire and lives near Skipton.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert in the paranormal and metaphysical fields. She has worked fulltime for more than 30 years investigating and researching contacts with alien beings and spirits, as well as other phenomena.

She has written more 50 books on a wide range of subjects.Her book The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, Extraterrestrials, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities is the result of a decade of research that started with Shadow People cases and spread into every corner of entity contact experiences. 

Pierre Sabak

Pierre Sabak has been widely recognised as a leading scholar in the field of religion, mythology, mysticism and the occult. An author, symbologist and comparative linguist, Sabak is best known for his book ‘The Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon’ and is the first true academic study of the serpent race. An etymologist he is considered as an expert on ancient languages and has studied extensively the phenomenon of the djinn and the fallen angels.

Ellis Taylor

Ellis Taylor is a genuine and first hand experiencer of what really does lie in the ‘beyond’. He was born in Bridgetown, Western Australia, in 1952, to an Australian mother and a British father, he went to school in Oxford, UK. 

US TV Series "Are We Alone?" Returns Sunday March 2nd

U.S. TV's The Science Channel will be continuing its popular extraterrestrial-themed Are We Alone? week starting on Sunday March 2nd.

The Science Channel's previous "Are We Alone?" series was praised by Open Minds Magazine website as having done an "incredible job packing the first week of March with highly entertaining and provocative shows exploring UFOs and extraterrestrial life".

Is There A Secret Space Program?

Just imagine the difference working antigravity technology would make to our world - perhaps almost effortless travel - at enormous speed. The series "Is There A Secret Space Program" asks if working antigravity technology has been developed? Is it already in use?

Alien Encounters: Experiences In the Unknown

The testimony of people claiming contact with aliens can be difficult for some people to deal with. "Alien Encounters: Experiences In the Unknown" presents testimony of people from a range of backgrounds including the most famous contactee case of the 1950's and 60's, a military Sergeant tasked with talking to aliens, to present day UFO and ET experiencers some of whom struggle to deal with the experience they are going though.

Annual British Exopolitics Expo and Extraterrestrial Communication Conferences Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets are on sale now for our two summer UFO conference events. Book now to ensure your place at the 6th Annual British Exopolitics Expo and the ET Communication Conference .

Both events are being held at Leeds Metropolitan University