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Yorkshire Evening Post: Meet the UFO man who says the truth is out there...

Philip Mantle has met many people who claim to have seen ufos, including those who claim they were abducted by aliens. Neil Hudson lifts the veil on the mystery that won’t go away.

The strange light filmed hovering over Leeds recently has reignited the debate about UFOs. Though the sighting is unlikely to answer any fundamental questions, one Yorkshireman is convinced these unexplained phenomena have a deeper meaning.

UFO Today Issue 1 is OUT NOW

Philip Mantle has worked on and written for many UFO publications around the world over the last 30 plus years. His very first one was the YUFOS JOURNAL put together by himself, the late Graham Birdsall and his brother Mark Birdsall. YUFOS was of course the Yorkshire UFO Society and its journal was produced on an old printer cranked by hand.

“Is there anybody out there?”

“Of course it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens, as many people believe, and the government is hushing it up. I couldn't possibly comment!”
- Professor Stephen Hawking, at the White House Millennium Council, 2000

Intelligence in Science

Within the paradigm of our western culture, if something cannot be demonstrated and tested by repeatable scientific experimentation, then that something is probably not a real phenomenon. Much of what is termed supernatural for example simply means that it falls outside of the paradigms ability to test it.

For the phenomenon we call intelligence, the scientific community does not have a clear definition of what the phenomenon actually is. Whether we are looking at natural intelligence or artificial intelligence – the question of what intelligence is cannot be defined beyond a set of rules more akin to economics – where an organism attempts to allow itself to survive.

Measuring Artificiality

“Though intelligent or semi-intelligent life conceivably exists elsewhere in our solar system, if intelligent extra-terrestrial life is discovered in the next twenty years, it will very probably be by radio telescope from other solar systems. Evidence of its existence might also be found in artifacts left on the moon or other planets.”
- “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs”, Brookings Institution Final Report, 1961

In Arthur C. Clarke’s 1948 short story “The Sentinel” an artifact is discovered on the Moon. A tetrahedral structure made of a polished mineral and surrounded by spherical force-field, The Sentinel is suggested by the story’s narrator to have been created by an extra-terrestrial civilisation, perhaps as a warning beacon for passing space-farers.

The idea of discovering alien artifacts was not limited to the realm of science fiction. Shortly after the NASA was formed, a Washington DC based think tank, The Brookings Institute, while considering the implications of the fledgling space program, suggested that the exploration of our solar system may reveal this type of evidence of intelligent life.

New TV Show "Hunt for Secret Bases" Now Online

Richard D Hall's latest online TV show, published on 1st October 2013 can now be viewed on his website He will be producing monthly Richplanet TV shows available to watch online on the 1st of each month. 

Additionally the next Richplanet speaking tour has been postponed until early 2014.

A Case of Identity

'It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.' - Sherlock Holmes
“A Case of Identity” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Holes in the Heavens

If you look out toward our galaxy the Milky Way you will see an uneven distribution of stars.  In certain parts of the Milky Way, between the stars, things can get a little murky.

In the constellation of Sagittarius for example there are dark patches that become particularly noticeable towards the point of the Galactic Centre. It was the British astronomer William Herschel who, in the 18th Century, described these regions where starlight from distant stars appears to dim as “holes in the heavens”.

Exopolitics Conference Promotional Video

The 5th Annual British Exopolitics Expo is to be held on Saturday 28th September 2013 at the University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK.

Keighley News: Cullingworth UFO researcher staging conference

A Cullingworth man is organising a conference focusing on extraterrestrial life and UFO activity. Anthony Beckett is spearheading the fifth annual British Exopolitics Expo, being held at Huddersfield University on September 28. The event will include a lecture by Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe.

Mr Beckett said that in the 1970s the professor and a colleague sparked controversy when they concluded from investigations that interstellar dust, laying between the stars, contained life.

MKFM Radio - Mars and Extraterrestrial Life "Uncensored" - TONIGHT at 6pm

Anthony Beckett will be a guest on the talk show "Uncensored" with Theo Chalmers on MKFM tonight from 6pm to 8pm (Sunday 9th, June 2013). 

The two hour show will look at the evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life from the fields of Observational Astronomy and Unmanned Mars Exploration missions. Are NASA covering up the biggest scientific discovery of the last century? 

Listen in online at

(You will need to refresh your browser after an hour to continue listening to the show) 


Anthony Beckett to Speak at Truth Juice Birmingham on Tuesday May 28th, 2013

Anthony Beckett, Exopolitics Great Britain producer and researcher into the existence of extraterrestrial life and in particular the controversy regarding the exploration of Mars, will be speaking at the Truth Juice Birmingham group on Tuesday 28th May at Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club, Cartland Suite, 247 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6DT - doors open at 7pm event starts at 8pm.

In his talk "Extraterrestrial Life, Mars & Disclosure" Anthony will look at the scientific evidence that demonstrates that we are not alone in the universe.