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Bringing Exopolitics and UFO Disclosure to the UK

Exopolitics Great Britain aims to bring an exopolitical discourse to the British people by holding the only UFO Disclosure and Exopolitics conferences in the United Kingdom

After three years in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds we have now moved to the Merseyside city of Liverpool.

UFO sightings not on WikiLeaks radar for now, says Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has noted numerous references to “secret UFO files� in the various diplomatic material now held by WikiLeaks, but more telling, says an Oregon State University student, is what Assange is not saying about his classified material holdings; while, at the same time, a recent CBS “60 Minutes� interview with Assange pointed to yet more cover-ups and strange dealings by world governments to shut WikiLeaks up.

Assange did not address secret UFO files during his 60 Minutes interview, but he did talk at length about how governments “hide important information� from the citizenry.

Forbes: WikiLeaks UFO Cables: More About Raelian Cult Than Alien Life

 I Want To Believe Commentary: It would appear that journalists are already privy to the yet-to-be-disclosure Wikileaks UFO tranmissions. According to Andy Greenberg of Forbes the transmissions relate only to intelligence monitoring of UFO cults (some would say religions) such as the Raelian Cult. This makes sense in that we know that intelligence agencies monitor such groups and their activities. This is also in-keeping with the types of information already released. No smoking guns or even real facts in most cases - but transmissions containing diplomats and agents opinions on various issues and peoples.

With the usual condescending tones of a mainstream journalist Greenspan notes that Julian Assange has himself critisied 'conspiracy theorists' and the 9/11 truth movement citing Assange' annoyance that people cling to "false conspiracies". Those of you who are familiar with the work of Richard D Hall will know that it is his assertion that "9/11" - or rather an individuals views on it - can be considered as a litmus test for determining an activists true agenda. Greenspan can possibly be forgiven for his views as we can make no assumption about what research he has done. Assange however we would expect to have done his homework. Or maybe like other celebrities Assange is simply fearful of being labelled a "conspiracy theorist" and has simply chosen dishonesty as a route to maintain his standing within the system.

If WikiLeaks didn’t already have the attention of the world’s conspiracy theorists, its founder Julian Assange grabbed the X-files crowd by their tin-foil helmet antennae in December, when he mentioned that the site plans to publish leaked cables that reference UFOs.

But after two months of allowing the UFO-obsessed to let their psychotic imaginations run wild, Assange may have put a damper on hopes that Area 51’s secrets will finally be exposed.

Daily Mail: Are aliens here? Shining white 'UFO' spotted over Jerusalem shrine

Commentary: This article by the Daily Mail contains no video or audio analysis of this UFO footage as is usually the case with the mainstream media. Fortunately, the alternative research community has many more budding investigators available to it than the Daily Mail has in order to spend time performing analysis of potential evidence such as this.

One such analysis shows the evidence of fakery in the audio and video track. It is easy to criticise the media for not covering the UFO subject seriously and thoroughly enough. But what mainstream media reporter is going to be able to spend the time de-constructing a case such as this.

Really that's the issue. If they had done an analysis they wouldn't be just "reporters" but it would be like the good old days when we had actual journalists - i.e. an investigator - who spends time determining the facts before reporting on the outcome. These days the news media is saturated with reporters rather than journalists. To quote the lead anchor for the BTN news network in the film V for Vendetta - "It's my job to report the news not make it up... that's the governments job!". 

A shining ball of light has been filmed hovering above a Jerusalem shrine, in footage which UFO enthusiasts say could finally prove aliens exist.

UFO over Jerusalem shrine

The clips show the pulsating orb descend and hover above the Dome of the Rock, an ancient Islamic shrine, before shooting up into the night sky. It then descends again and disappears.

Wikileaks UFO Chatter

Wikileaks on UFOs: I Want To BelieveCommentary: Dare I say it again but no news is quite simply no news. As much as I would like to believe that Julian Assange and the Wikileaks team would release any UFO related information leaks their position may well be compromised now after the arrest of Assange. Assuming of course that Wikileaks were really an independent disclosure entity and not some Inteligence Operations asset being used to control the flow of certain information.

Several website reported recently on an unofficial statement purportedly made by a member of Wikileaks. The noise is far louder that the signal regarding the Wikileaks association with UFO information leaks and until data is officially released by Wikileaks or the statements made by its members can be verified by independent scholars, then is quite simply is business as usual.

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Announcement: Anomalous Mind Management Abductee/Contactee Helpline


Started life on the 23rd January 2011, by Joanne Summerscales and Miles Johnston who have both had a long term interest in, and are researchers of the many fields, subjects and layers thereof, seen and treated by society at large as being on the outer edges of social awareness, and still very much unacknowledged (by mainstream ‘conventionals’). These areas include; suppressed advanced technology, the unaddressed history of humanity/genetics, alternative energy systems, health/illness management and the extensive area of ufological/ET experience, including the Exopolitical arena, which seeks full official disclosure, which will, when it happens, have a profound impact on every area of life; the social, religious, political and economical.

The Canadian: Former China Foreign Ministry Official says Extraterrestrials live among us

Sun Shili shows off his drawings of extraterrestialsIn the industrialized West, there evolved the prevailing Pseudo-religious dogma that human beings are at the centre of 'G-d's creation in the universe'. This dogma is the ideological motivation behind the on-going de-legitimization of the verfiable contact that people have had with Extraterrestrials (ETs). This apparent dogma has become the modern equivalent of the corresponding dogma, that "the world is flat", which Church and other elites centuries ago used to champion. In contrast, free of Western pseudo-religious based dogma, the Buddhist milieu of China, has freed their scientific community, with the support of government, and ofcommunity participation, to seek to explore UFO incidences and evidence of human contact with Extraterrestrials.

Pear-Shaped UFO Is Latest Sighting in Scotland

UFO expert Ron Halliday

Scotland. Known for medieval castles, highlands, islands, clans, kilts and one large lake where a legendary beastie, the Loch Ness Monster, allegedly resides.

But for decades, Scotland has also been home to another mystery yet to be resolved: UFOs.

The country that occupies the northernmost section of Great Britain has its share of UFO reports, including an unusual pear-shaped object reported recently by a motorist on the UK UFO Sightings website.

On the night of Jan. 2, in the East Kilbride area of Scotland, George King wrote: "I was sitting in my car, facing west, when I noticed two orange lights -- one smaller than the other -- flying low.

World business leaders to discuss UFOs & extraterrestrial life

Global Competitive Forum 2011In 2011 the Global Competitive Forum, to be held in Saudi Arabia this weekend, and which saw a keynote speech by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2010, will look at what the corporate world can learn from UFOs and ETs. Nick Pope will be joining Stanton Friedman and Michio Kaku in a panel called "Contact: Learning from Outer Space".

Paradigm Research Group executive director Stephen Bassett commented: "Saudi Arabia is a nation which will be hugely impacted by the inevitable end of the now 64-year old UFO/ET truth embargo and likely subsequent introduction of extraterrestrial derived technologies. It's time for the U. S. Congress and the political media to grow up and wake up. Saudi Arabia should now be added to the growing list of nations who might elect to preempt the United States and unilaterally act to end the truth embargo."