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Energy and Levity - Uncut John Searl Story Interview

Professor John SearlApril 2010 :: We are releasing this uncut, almost two hour long interview due to the increased attention the film has attracted by winning the IUFOC EBE awards and also due to the confirmation that we will be hosting the UK premier of The John Searl Story as part of our forthcoming UK Exopolitics Conference.

Elections 2010: Mother of Gary McKinnon to stand in the UK Parliamentary Elections

Gary McKinnon and his mother Janis Sharp

The mother of computer hacker Gary McKinnon is to stand in the UK Parliamentary Elections in Blackburn, Lancashire. Janis Sharp will stand in the constituency that is currently held by a man who is using anti-terror legislation to extradite her son to the United States - the UK Secretary of Justice Jack Straw MP.

Janis is standing on the issue of declining civil liberties in the UK - an issue which affects everyone in the UK but more visibly her son Gary.

She chose Blackburn because it is the Parliamentary seat of Jack Straw MP who...  

UFO Conference vs Exopolitics Conference?

What is Exopolitics? - "the art or science of government as concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy towards extraterrestrial phenomena and extraterrestrial beings"

Around the world for the better part of 60 years people have gathered together to hear stories and testimony of people who have been witnesses to the unknown.

An Interview with Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell interviewed at Laughlin UFO CongressMary Rodwell, interviewed at the Laughlin UFO Congress in February 2010, discusses how as a counsellor and therapist she saw the need for support networks for people who experience alien encounters and abductions. 


First Nuclear DNA Recovered from the Starchild Skull

Lloyd Pye & the Starchild SkullThis past weekend I met with the geneticist working on the Starchild's DNA. He explained how he can now prove the Starchild is not entirely human, which has been our position for years. Now it is no longer a question of "if," but of "when" and "how" we spread this astounding new reality beyond the mailing list. First, though, let me bring the list's newcomers up to speed.

In 2003 we had a DNA analysis that used human-only primers to recover the Starchild's mitochondrial DNA, the DNA outside the nucleus, which comes from the mother and her genetic line. That meant its mother was human. But we could not recover its nuclear DNA, which comes from both mother and father, which meant its father was not a human. Unfortunately, with the recovery technology of 2003 we couldn't prove what he was, which left us in scientific limbo. The "no result" from the search for the nuclear DNA clearly meant Dad wasn't human, but we could not prove that fact beyond all possible doubt.

How To Marginalize An Astronaut by Richard Dolan

Not long ago, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell made an amazing statement concerning the possession of alien bodies by a secret group of “insiders.� In this short piece, I contrast that statement with the astonishingly cavalier treatment of this claim by the mainstream media. The end result trivializes an important issue.

Charles Hall and the Tall Whites - Millennial Hospitality

Charles Hall enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1964. In the 1970's he began writing stories about his experiences that would be published as fiction. He would later claim that these stories of mysterious encounters in the Mojave dessert in Nevada were based on his real personal experience. His Millennial Hospitality series of books, he claims, are published as fiction to protect the identity of the characters. 

Wilbert B Smith - from Sceptic to Contactee

Wilbert Brockhouse Smith is not a name which normally comes to mind for most people when they are discussing the evidence pertaining to UFO’s and extra-terrestrial intelligence. Indeed, most people tend to confuse Wilbert Smith with Wilbur Smith - the author of numerous historical fiction novels. Wilbert Brockhouse Smith was himself a writer, though his main work "A New Science" was never finished nor widely published.

The Last Best Hope for Peace by Ian R Crane

"History cannot be permanently falsified;
the myth cannot stand up to the scrutiny of scientific research;
the sinister web will be brought into the light and torn to pieces,
however artfully it has been spun" Jakob Ruchti - 1916

UFOs and the Media by Nick Pope

Media coverage of UFOs is a thorny issue and one where the grass is greener on the other side. Some ufologists complain that the media don’t give the subject the coverage it deserves and even go so far as to suggest that the media are complicit in a government conspiracy to keep the truth about UFOs from the people. When there is coverage, other ufologists claim it’s the wrong sort of coverage and say that the subject is trivialised. What’s the truth of the matter and what’s really going on? In truth, the media is no more a single entity than is government.