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Exopolitics Magazine - FREE Autumn 2014 Edition Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the second edition of Exopolitics Magazine!

Please find attached your copy of Exopolitics Magazine vol. 2 featuring articles about UFOs, Extraterrestrial Contact and Exopolitics. Including articles by Michael Salla, Grant Cameron, Carl James, Gerard Aartsen and many more...

It is a magazine dedicated to the study of UFOs and the progression of Ufology. Within its pages you will also find articles on many of the topics and themes that will be discussed at the Annual British Exopolitics Expo in September 2014.

Exopolitics Magazine is a FREE e-magazine produced by Exopolitics Great Britain. It contains all you will need to know about leading British UFO conferences organised by Exopolitics Great Britain and features articles by many researchers in the fields of ufology and exopolitics.

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If you missed the first edition of Exopolitics Magazine you can catch up and download it here:

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Higher quality versions are available to download from the website. Also the page size is A4 so if you prefer reading your magazines on paper then get printing and enjoy!

Anthony Beckett
Editor, Exopolitics Magazine