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Pierre Sabak Biography

Pierre Sabak Biography

Pierre Sabak has been widely recognised as a leading scholar in the field of religion, mythology, mysticism and the occult. An author, symbologist and comparative linguist, Sabak is best known for his book ‘The Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon’ and is the first true academic study of the serpent race. An etymologist he is considered as an expert on ancient languages and has studied extensively the phenomenon of the djinn and the fallen angels. In addition to this work he has produced a number a dvds on arcane symbolism and UFOlogy and is currently working on several books including Holographic Culture, Serpent Speaks and Codex and Riddles.

Pierre Sabak is a graduate of Fine Art (single honours) and obtained his degree from the University of Wales. In his early career he worked as an illustrator focusing on portraiture and the figure. Exhibited extensively, Sabak has shown his work throughout the UK, including St. Martins West London, East London Design Show and the Museum of Modern Art Machynlleth Wales.

A member of the Institute for Learning (MifL), he has obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education. Sabak has taught Pre-Raphaelite Painting at the Working Men’s College St Pancras London.

Pierre Sabak has spoken at conferences throughout the UK and has been interviewed on Red Ice Radio on the subject of the 'The Theban Priesthood' and 'Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon'.

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Pierre Sabak:

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