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Is There A Secret Space Program?

Just imagine the difference working antigravity technology would make to our world - perhaps almost effortless travel - at enormous speed. The series "Is There A Secret Space Program" asks if working antigravity technology has been developed? Is it already in use?

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon faced extradition to the USA and 70 years in jail for hacking NASA and the pentagon looking for evidence of UFOs. Within computer files he witnessed on the US space command network he discovered “lists of officers’ names” with the suggestive heading of “Non-Terrestrial Officers”, “fleet-to-fleet transfers” and even “a list of ship names”.

Rather than extraterrestrials, the computer hacker had uncovered evidence of a secret space program with ship names not in the known maritime fleet. But what are the implications of a covert space program utilising advanced propulsion and aeronautical technologies not known in the civilian world?

  • What does it mean for our global energy needs?
  • What does it mean for geopolitics conflicts?
  • What does it mean for the overt NASA space program and indeed the apparent research limitations?