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Press Release - 09 September 2010

Exopolitics Leeds 2010 A Great Success

It is now one month since speakers and delegates alike returned home from the 2nd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo held at the University of Leeds. For the organisers of the conference the work continues as we prepare the footage of the lectures for DVDs, on-line streaming and for airing on Paradigm Shift TV (Sky channel 201). We have also begun preparation of the 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo which will be held between August 5th - 7th in 2011 again at the University of Leeds Conference Auditorium.

Leeds: A Great Success

The success of the event is not only to be measured by conference attendance and the contentment of the delegates. We are after-all aiming to raise the profile of the concept of exopolitics - and not just among people already familiar with the term. One of our primary objectives when holding these events is to raise the profile of exopolitics in the media in the UK.

We had great success with the media in the week prior to the conference with no less than four radio interviews and a television interview bringing the concept of exopolitics to a wider audience.

This was thanks in part to the hard work of our media coordinator and also to the fortuitous timing of the British Ministry of Defence’s August release of their UFO files to the National Archives which was announced two days prior to the conference on August 5th.

A convergence of these two events led to the most note-worthy of our online coverage which was on the BBC Leeds website...

BBC News: “Exopolitics Conference for Leeds looks to the skies�

As far as we are aware this is first time that the BBC News website has covered "exopolitics" and defined the term using Stephen Bassetts definition from 1997... with the exception of articles about the rock band Muse who have a song called "exo-politics" - a song governmental manipulation of the extraterrestial presence.

British Exopolitics Awards

Towards the end of Sundays lectures, before the last of the weekends eleven guest speakers took to the lecturn, Anthony Beckett and David Griffin presented the British Exopolitics Awards.

The first award for exopolitical activism on the international platform was presented to Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group whose tireless efforts and work inspired the Leeds conferences.

The second award was awarded to Gary McKinnon and his family for refusing to accept the unfair extradition legislation and for Gary's intent to expose free energy and UFO secrecy as unconstitutional and illegal. Gary and his family had been invited but were unable to attend in person.


What's in a name?
"Exopolitics UK" becomes "Exopolitics Great Britain"

The event organising collective led by Anthony Beckett that brought together the last two conferences in Leeds began operating under the name "Exopolitics UK" in January 2010 together with David Griffin and his United Kingdom Exopolitics Initiative. The name "Exopolitics UK" was chosen to reflect the nature of what we are doing - i.e raising the profile of exopolitics - and where we are doing it - nationally in the United Kingdom. It was also chosen to be distinct from the United Kingdom Exopolitics Network ( website created several years ago by David Griffin.

The first Leeds Exopolitics Expo held in 2009 was put together by Anthony and several other people with the aim of raising the profile of David Griffins United Kingdom Exopolitics Network. Since the Exopolitics Leeds 2010 conference David has decided that the term "Exopolitics UK" should reflect his network alone. We have therefore decided that the event organising body will change its name to Exopolitics Great Britain. Future events by the same organising body will thus be produced by the body referred to as Exopolitics Great Britain.

David Griffin has requested that we inform people that he will now not benefit financially from the activities of the event organising body - now called Exopolitics Great Britain. 

Thank you to everyone involved

I wish to give a big thank you to all the people involved in the 2010 event including all the speakers and special guests. I would also like to thank the delegates who attended the event over the weekend and without whom future events would not be possible.

We had approximately 140 people attend on each day of the event which, while lower than anticipated, is encouraging as we plan ahead for 2011. Many people commented on the professionalism of the event which is in no small part thanks to our event compere Franky Ma and the rest of the event volunteers - Rachel, Gwen, Jae and Eleanor. Between them they ensured that the weekend ran as smoothly and enjoyably as possible for everyone. Another factor in the success of the event was the selection of the venue and the first class facilities at the University of Leeds Conference Auditorium.

There are several areas that we have identified that we can make improvements on for next year. Some areas such as catering will still be dependent on our anticipated attendance figures in advance of the event. There were also several minor problems reported about the University accommodation (such as no hot water in some the bedrooms). While not strictly an conference issue (as accommodation was arranged externally with the the University) we will be working together with the University to ensure that improvements are made ready for next year.

Future events

Planning has already begun for next year and, as already mentioned, Exopolitics Leeds 2011 will be back in the summer and we also hope to bring an exopolitics event to another UK city in 2011.


Delay in DVD Production

The conference DVDs were scheduled for release on 11 September 2010. The release will be delayed for an estimated 2 weeks as the 15+ hours of lectures is taken slightly longer to edit and produce than anticipated. The expected release date is now 25 September 2010.

-- ends -- 


For more information about Exopolitics Great Britain or Exopolitics Leeds events contact us by email.