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Press Release 28 July 2010

Anthony BeckettThe West Yorkshire city of Leeds is fast becoming home to UFO disclosure campaigning in the UK as it hosts the UKs second international exopolitics conference.

A scientist and campaigner from the West Yorkshire town of Keighley has taken the lead by bringing people from all over Europe, who are interested in UFO disclosure and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, to the city of Leeds for a second consecutive year. Conference organiser Anthony Beckett, who is hosting the 2nd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo at the University of Leeds on 7th and 8th August, will give a presentation on the evidence for life on Mars.

The conference includes speakers from the UK, the United States and Australia. “It is the only event of its kind in Europe in 2010 and as such we have attracted visitors from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. There is a growing belief that there really is something going on in our skies that quite possibly is extra-terrestrial visitation. But if it isn’t ET then the other rational conclusion is that UFOs are military in origin.�

Interest in governmental disclosure of UFO evidence has never been more popular and more urgent. With our increasing reliance of fossil fuels creating an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and responsible British corporations hanging in the economic balance; the UK has never seen a more pressing need to turn to alternative and more advanced forms of energy. Could researchers be correct in their assertion that at the core of the UFO problem are covert military craft using technology that is quite literally out of this world? Evidence may show this to be the case but just how do people get access to this technology? How do you take a weapon and re-engineer it to benefit the whole of man-kind?

But then what about the alternative assertion that the UFO phenomenon is extra-terrestrial in origin? Are we being visited? Again this would be a revelation that would certainly change the world as we know it. But has it happened? Researchers think so. The public is open to the possibility of life beyond Earth. But can the corporate machinations of the world’s oil based economy survive in a post-disclosure world?

Either way, we are definitely living in interesting times and interest in these subjects is at the core of what exopolitics is about.

The highlight of the event is a guest lecture by Professor John Searl. Searl, whose claims include inventing flying disc technology while working for the Midlands Electricity Board during the 1960's and sole responsibly for the UFO sights over the town of Warminster during that period, will address the need for us to turn to these suppressed alternative energy technologies if we are to solve the energy needs and secure a clean and safe world for future generations.

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