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Richard D Hall

New TV Show "Hunt for Secret Bases" Now Online

Rich Planet TV

Richard D Hall's latest online TV show, published on 1st October 2013 can now be viewed on his website He will be producing monthly Richplanet TV shows available to watch online on the 1st of each month. 

Additionally the next Richplanet speaking tour has been postponed until early 2014.

Lloyd Pye speaking in Derby on September 30th

Exopolitics Great Britain speakers Lloyd Pye (2009), Richard D Hall (2010 - 2012) and Andrew Johnson (2009 -2012) will be speaking at the "Not on The 6 O'Clock News!" event in Derby, Derbyshire UK. The conference is themed around media suppression of information and the headline talk will be Lloyd Pye presenting new and up to date information about the Starchild Skull investigation - news you are unlikely to see on the 6 O'Clock News anytime soon!

Bizarre U.K. Animal Mutilations & Mass unexplained Animal Disappearances Continue

On Saturday August 4th we will be looking at the Animal Mutilation phenomena. After showing Richard D Hall's excellent introductory documentary "Silient Killers" the joint lecture by Richard D Hall and David Cayton will provide evidence and up to date information on the current situation involving animal multilation cases in and around the UK.

2012 Exopolitics Events in the UK

After much deliberation we are now pleased to be able to announce the Exopolitics events for the UK in summer 2012!

So far we have two events scheduled and with a major change from our previous activities. Our main national event is moving from Yorkshire (it's home of three years) to Merseyside!

The 4th Annual Exopolitics Expo will be held in Liverpool on the first weekend in August 2012. Event details and line-up of speakers will be posted shortly... However, before that we have another event coming to Liverpool to tell you about...

Richard D Hall Interviews Professor John Searl

On Saturday evening we where delighted to be joined by the inventor of the S.E.G, Professor John Searl, film maker Bradley Lockerman and engineer Fernando Morris whom is currently working to bring the SEG technology to the world.