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Rosemary Ellen Guiley Biography

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is one of the leading researchers in the paranormal and has written over fifty books on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics.

Marcus Allen Biography

Marcus Allen is the British distributor and publisher of the UK edition of Nexus Magazine. Like many others, Marcus watched the Apollo Moon Landings live on Television, and at the time applauded the evident success of those missions. After attending a lecture in the 1990's which questioned the validity of the Moon Landings, he decided to carry out his own research. Having worked as a photographer in London in the 1960s, Marcus was able to examine the well known photographs issued by NASA from a professional viewpoint. He has also researched many other aspects of Apollo.

Chandra Wickramasinghe Biography

Professor Chandra WickramasingheProfessor Chandra Wickramasinghe is a Professor at Cardiff University, Honorary Professor at the University of Buckingham and is currently the Director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology in the UK.

Another Speaker Announced for the 5th Annual British Exopolitics Expo

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe - Cosmomicrobia and the Nature of Intersteller Dust

We are please to announce that Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe will join us at the 5th Annual British Exopolitics Expo at the University of Huddersfield on Saturday September 28th, 2013.

Chandra Wickramasinghe was a student and collaborator of the renowned astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle. Their joint work on the nature and composition of interstellar dust led to the thesis of cosmomicrobia (panspermia) in which microbial life incident from space seeded life on Earth.

Grant Cameron Biography

Grant CameronGrant Cameron became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star.  The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Hundreds of other people sighted objects at the same time during a prolonged flap of sightings.

Mike Oram Biography

Mike Oram

Mike Oram

Exopolitics Great Britain appearances by
Mike Oram:

30 JUN 2012 : Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?

David Cayton Biography

David Cayton

David Cayton served 10 years in the Royal Air Force as a photographer from 1955 to 1965, enjoying interesting ‘Cold War’ times and serving in the U.K., Cyprus and Germany. During last 18 months of Service became involved in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and in 1966 he joined the Engineering Research Department at Hawker Siddeley Aviation Manchester which later became British Aerospace & BAe Systems.

Mike Freebury Biography

Mike Freebury of the Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU)Mike Freebury was born and brought up near Birmingham and has enjoyed a long career as a Finance Manager in advertising, construction and manufacturing. His logical approach has served him well as a researcher.

In 2000 he began his investigation into the Dartmoor Ponies incident and has continued in this difficult field of research ever since.

Miles Johnston Biography

Miles JohnstonMiles Johnston is always on the leading edge of whatever is going down. With a history of creating Pirate radio and supplying transmitters and equipment in Ireland, following a UFO Wave in the 70s Miles become involved in the background scenes of the most revolutionary English language broadcasting since Radio Caroline hit the high seas in 1964.