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New Analysis of the Murchison Meteorite Reveal the Building Blocks of Life

In research funded by the NASA Astrobiology Institute a new study of microfragments of a meteorite have revealed DNA components and other essential components of life - according to a team of scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Researchers analysing the carbonaceous chondrite meteorites found DNA components and amino acids components during the analysis of the Murchison meteorite - a rock that fell to Earth over Murchison, Victoria, in Australia in September 1969. article on U.S. Congressional Hearing on Astrobiology

"This alien hearing is the best thing Congress has done in months" -

Congress talked about the search for alien life Wednesday, in a hearing critics lambasted as unproductive. But astrobiology is about more than just little green men.

The House science committee carved out two hours of time on Wednesday to discuss the search for extraterrestrial life. Because the House has just seven days of work left before the end of the year, this hearing idea has generated some pretty harsh criticism. But laments about an unproductive Congress finding time to look for aliens of all things are sadly misguided. Today's hearing is a great idea, and it's doing something remarkable: getting the Republican-led, scientifically challenged committee to seriously discuss an important field of research — and the funding needed to keep it going. So stop making fun of it.

Sci-News: Astrobiologists Claim to Have Found Extraterrestrial Life Form in Earth’s Stratosphere

British astrobiologists are claiming to have found alien life form in the Earth’s stratosphere. They collected a small diatom frustule that could have come from space after sending a balloon to 27 km into the stratosphere during the recent Perseid meteor shower.