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Global Competitiveness Forum

X-Factors: The World Economic Forum warns companies to anticipate the discovery of extraterrestrial life in 2013

World Economic Forum Addressing Extraterrestrial Life in 2013

A Swiss non-profit foundation, the World Economic Forum, is best known for its annual meeting held in Davos, Switzerland in Jnauary each year. It raises several intiguing areas of concern for businesses in its 2013 Global Risks X-Factors including rogue geo-engineering and the discovery of alien life. 

World business leaders to discuss UFOs & extraterrestrial life

Global Competitive Forum 2011In 2011 the Global Competitive Forum, to be held in Saudi Arabia this weekend, and which saw a keynote speech by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2010, will look at what the corporate world can learn from UFOs and ETs. Nick Pope will be joining Stanton Friedman and Michio Kaku in a panel called "Contact: Learning from Outer Space".

Paradigm Research Group executive director Stephen Bassett commented: "Saudi Arabia is a nation which will be hugely impacted by the inevitable end of the now 64-year old UFO/ET truth embargo and likely subsequent introduction of extraterrestrial derived technologies. It's time for the U. S. Congress and the political media to grow up and wake up. Saudi Arabia should now be added to the growing list of nations who might elect to preempt the United States and unilaterally act to end the truth embargo."