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23rd July 2015 - Birmingham UFO Group Talk by Anthony Beckett #ufo

Proto-UFOs & Alien Manifestation by Anthony Beckett

In this lecture Anthony will look at the underlying reality behind the appearance of UFOs in our skies. He will take the audience on a journey through the scientific studies that demonstrate the physical reality of the phenomenon; suggesting that the problems of acceptance of this reality come just as much from within ufology as outside of it. What is known is so often much less than what is outside of our reach and Anthony will address how we can come to expand our knowledge about UFOs and what they really mean to humanity.

Consciousness and Mathematics - The Missing Links?

Grant CameronPulling in evidence collected over his 37 years researching UFOs, Grant Cameron will show that consciousness is a key part of the UFO mystery, and that officials in the US government have known this almost from the beginning.

Grant Cameron will show the patterns in the evolution of the UFO mystery and demonstrate that the forces behind the UFO phenomena are clearly in charge and that they are gradually disclosing their presence on Earth. Quoting key high ranking people such as Wilbert Smith, Dr. Eric Walker, General Wesley Clark, and Ben Rich - Grant explores key UFO events such as the Rendlesham Incident, the CIA 1959 psychic incident, and the Uri Geller Henry Kissinger encounter.

Gotcha! - Previously Unknown Extraterrestrial and Exopolitical Elements to the Falklands War with Argentina

"Gotcha!" was an infamous headline and photograph in a British tabloid at the start of the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina. However in addition to the war footage that was played out for several months for the public - it appears a whole other dimension possibly triggered the initial invasion by the Argentinian forces and the response by Mrs Thatcher's government.

The Next Stage of Evolution

With increasing evidence of Extraterrestrial involvement in Human affairs, and growing recognition of un-precedented changes to the Planet’s Biosphere, the next question we need to ask is, how is this affecting our evolution as a species. Alan explores the evidence for this evolutionary step, and shows how Spiritual, En-vironmental and Cosmic events around the globe can guide Humanity through these profound changes.

The Taboo Of Disclosure

In this presentation, Andrew Johnson will look at how the technology which caused the destruction of the WTC on 911 is central to the Disclosure process. The true nature of this secret, revealed by the research of Dr Judy Wood, is still “taboo” in much of the alternative research/disclosure community. We will look at why this issue is so important and how other researchers have either ignored, misrepresented or mischaracterised the significance of the available evidence – and possible reasons as to why they have done this. The evidence itself has vast implications for all of us – and the way it has been handled by the “Disclosure” movement also offers us important clues as to the agenda being followed by certain groups.

The Rendlesham UFO Incident

Gary Heseltine presented "The Rendlesham UFO Incident" on Sunday August 5th, 2012, at the 4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo in Liverpool.

Killers on the Moor

Mike will begin his talk with the events of 2000, when he became involved in researching a horrific and bizarre incident involving the deaths of fifteen Dartmoor ponies in 1977. Mike will give an overview of the case and will say why this case is so important.

The Hybrid Consciousness in the ET Encounter Narrative

Amongst one of the most compelling aspects of the UFO Phenomenon is situated within the ET contact experience, or the 'high strangeness' of what transpires during human and alien interactions. How experiencers define this space, both in terms of language and visual art forms, exhibits the same traits as those expressed by people of a dual or multiple nationality in human society. This evidence however, which helps to validate the contactee narrative by establishing the effects of ET contact on human consciousness, has been ignored by societal institutions.

What this psychosocial dynamic demonstrates, however, is what occurs when two or more cultures intersect: an emerging hybrid consciousness that may possibly reveal one of the wider purposes of ET communication with the Earth's citizens. It is one that may hold the key to what the next step in the development of human evolution may be.