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Searl Effect Generator

Richard D Hall Interviews Professor John Searl

On Saturday evening we where delighted to be joined by the inventor of the S.E.G, Professor John Searl, film maker Bradley Lockerman and engineer Fernando Morris whom is currently working to bring the SEG technology to the world.

British Genius Has Story Told At Last

Bradley LockermanIf there was one story that shocked me in the early years of looking into the British side to the UFO/Disclosure field it was that of inventor John Searl. However it was more the point that very few people knew about Searl and his seemingly unbelievable levitating energy devices and despite rumoured press and TV coverage, very little was to be found about him in the media archives.

It's kind of unfortunate that a film producer from the USA has had to take the mantle and provide us with John Searl's story - but after previewing Bradley Lockerman's movie I'm so pleased he has.